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No such thing as a relay fuse, you have a fuse in the wiring for each circuit, and some circuits also have a relay to reduce the amperage on a switch. What is not working on your car? then look up handbook supplied to find the fuse location in fuse box for the thing that doesnt work. if fuse ok then check relay but this needs more experienced person to do.

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Q: Where is the relay fuse on an S reg Fiat Punto ELX?
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What does the red stop light on the dash of fiat punto 75 elx mean?

it was a short fuse in the lights

What does the ELX stand for in Fiat Punto ELX?

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Fuse box on a fiat punto ELX cabriolet?

large fuses under bonnet near battery, the rest ( on rhd ) are behind panel/shelf to right of steering wheel.

Where can you find rear brake self adjuster spring for fiat punto 1.2 16v elx 2001?


How do you replace the alternator on a Fiat Punto 90 ELX Cabrio?

get a mechanic mate. its in a difficult position under the engine and the front exhaust has to come off. �100 for a new alternator and 3 hours labour.

How do you set s fiat strada adventure cam timing?

How do I set cambelt timing on fiat strada 1.6 elx?

Had the 2000 model of the fiat punto 1.2 5door central locking?

This depends on the trim level of the car. For example, an ELX model would have central locking, possibly Remote c/l...whereas the base model would not.

Where can you find warning light meanings punto elx?

the answer should be in your manual. It ill explain what they all mean

Fiat punto 1.2 ELX speedgear automatic and have got an automatic gearbox warning light flashing on my dashboard. The gearbox seems to be functioning ok any idea what the warning light means. Thanks?

usually low oil

Why is the radiator on my 1997 Punto 90 ELX Cabriolet different to the one stated in the manual?

einstine once said if it ain't broke don't fix it. they vary from car to car got to fiat and they will give you a print out of what you need to cover your car. remember einstine though.

How do you open the bonnet of a fiat brava elx when the latch is broke?

There should be a cable hanging down from where the latch was. Just grip with a pair of pliers and give it a gentle pull. You will hear a click and then you can release and go to the front of the car and open the bonnet.If the level is slack - it points to a snapped bonnet release cable.To open the bonnet in this situation (on a Fiat Punto), you'll need to get under the car.I jacked up the car, placed it on a stand on the passenger side, and reached up underneath. I've videoed it - quick to do once you see it. Fiat Punto, Bonnet Cable, Snapped Bonnet Cable

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What is wrong with indicators in a FIAT punto ELX when you indicate right nothing happens left is OK and hazards work?

Not sure seeing as the left one works but on mine neither work if the wheel isn't turned the right way, its kinda annoying, and they flick off too early, like if im going around a roundabout, i have to hold them in til they click again. So anyway, maybe the wheel isn't turned the right way.

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How do you reattach the windscreen wiper of a 1999 Punto ELX 1.2 16v when it comes off the motor arm?

Hard to explain in writing, but the linkages from the actual motor are like ball joints. These ball joints just have to be pressed together - with some effort - when they come apart You should be able to do this from under the bonnet good luck

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