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Where is the restore button on the iPod Nano?

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go on itunes make a backup and restore the ipod nano

That button is located in iTunes.

Sync your ipod nano to a computer even if your ipod is updated still hit the sync button. When you have done this hit the eject button and the screen will unlock.

Simple. Click on your ipod in iTunes, then click the button that says restore.

There are two ways to restore your ipod touch. Hold the sleep/wake button and the home button for ten seconds until the apple symbol appears. Or you can plug your ipod into itunes and restore from there. The itunes restore is a more complete way to restore.

OK When the ipod is plugged in simply click on the thing on the side that has your ipod on it the go to summary then click restore OK Hope this helps :)

plug it into itunes, click restore and then follow process

If its a nano you hold the menu button and center button which will reset your ipod but keep your music,games etc

If its a nano hold the menu and select button in

If you connect your ipod to itunes, and the ipod is properly functioning, you should be able to go to device and there is a restore button in there

You'll have to connect the iPod Touch iTunes, go to the iPod menu, and then click the Restore button and do that restore to reset your iPod.

Hold the center button and the menu button for about five seconds.

Hold the center button and the menu button

To fix a frozen ipod nano hold the "MENU" and CENTRE button. Hold for 5 seconds then release. Your ipod nano will go to the apple symbol then turn back to normal.

Make sure your iPod is plugged in. When iTunes recognizes the iPod, go to the iPod menu. There should be a 'restore' button there.

To shut off a 3rd Generation iPod Nano, hold the menu button and the middle button down for approximately 6 seconds.

The ipod nano 4gb can only take 400 songs because that is as much space you have left on your ipod. I suggest you restore your ipod and then try putting more songs on it.

you can't restore ipods without iTunes. but if your meaning to reset the ipod try pressing the middle button and the menu button the same time.

hold the middle and the menu button to reset it

you press the play/pause button

you have to go on itunes on your computer. if you click "my ipod" (the section) there are options near the "sync" button and one of them is to restore your ipod

nano means small. the ipod nano is smaller than the ipod mini.

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