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Where is the scan tool plug in located in a 1995 v8 4.6 l thunderbird LX?

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On passenger side under dash

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Where is the scan tool plug-in located in a 1995 Ford Thunderbird?

My 95 Ford Thunderbird service manual shows the scan tool plug-in (Data Link Connector) on the R.H. side of the instrument panel, under the glove compartment door and on the R.H. side of the engine compartment over the wheel well. This is for the 3.8L V6 engine.

How do you reset engine check light on 1995 BMW 325i?

You need a scan tool to plug into OBD port

Where is the scan tool plug-in located in a 2000 Hyundai Tiburon?

Under the steering wheel on dash.

How do you hook up a scan tool for a 1999 Malibu?

The DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) connector would be located under the drivers side of the dash. Plug the scanner into the DTC connector and then follow directions that came with your scan tool.

Where is the computer located on a 2001 VW Jetta and how can you access it?

under the steering wheel to the left you need to open that panel and you can plug into to scan your car. hope that's what your looking for.

How do you get codes for 1995 Chrysler concord?

With a scan tool.

How do you check for codes on a 1995 intrepid?

With a scan tool.

How do you get the engine codes on a 2002 mercury villager?

Plug in a scan tool.

Where is the plug for a scan tool located on a 1996 jetta gl?

The OBD II connector is under the ashtray. Remove the ashtray and slide the plastic cover to the left and the connector will be visible.

How do you scan a drawing onto the computer?

Buy a scanner, put the drawing onto it, plug it in to the computer, and follow the scanner's instructions to scan it.

How do you scan yourself to go to digital world?

well first, you dont scan in. you have to insert a 2 foot plug. good luck.

How do you check your codes on a 1995 ford crown Victoria?

get a scan OBD2

Where do i plug in the obd2 scan tool?

Into the diagnostic connector under the dash on the driver side.

Where do you charge the iPod?

Plug it into a USB socket. If you want to charge it in the car, Scan Computers sell adapters so you can plug a USB stick into a car.

Where is the OBD connection on 1995 Toyota t100?

under the hood there is a black box that says diagnostics ,obd needs to be read by light blinking by jumping 2 conectors only 96 and above have a actual plug for scan tool

Where is the scan tool plug on a 1988 Lincoln Town Car?

Under the hood on the passenger side.

How do you check the codes on a 1995 Mercury Villager?

Check the codes with an OBD2 scan tool.

Where is the ODBII port on your 1995 Ford Taurus 3.0?

The 1995 Taurus uses the old OBD1 system. The test plug is on the firewall (passenger side). This system can give you fault codes through the "check engine light" but you would need a manual for the proper procedure. Most garages have the proper connectors to scan these systems.

What is obd port?

Obd-on board diagnostic. The port is the plug the scan tool or code reader connects to.

What scan tool do you need to have to check a 1993 jeep?

An OBD 1 scanner with the Chrylser plug adapter.

How to restart a grand am se 1999 or unlock the stereo?

If you take the car to a dealer they can plug it in to a scan tool and get the codes by calling into GM and inputting them into the stereo for you[was no cost when I asked]. The code is made up from the vehicles VIN. I am assuming they plug in the scan tool to verify the radio is from the car it is in and not stolen.

Where is the diagnostic plug located for a 1994 ford Taurus GL located?

If memory serves, it should be under the hood either near the right hand side of the firewall, but I might be wrong and it's under the hood near the left fender close to the battery. It should have a black plastic cover which may be labeled 'EEC-TEST'. Not that you cannot use a generic OBDII scan tool, you will need one of the following: NGS scan tool, aftermarket scan tool with US Domestic support, or a multimeter and jumper wire. The multimeter and jumper wire will retrieve codes but not read the data stream as a scan tool will.

Can you confuse the adrenals with the ovaries on cat scan?

No, this should never happen. They look different on CT scan and are usually located in different areas of the body.

Where do you plug the OBD II scanner on a 2000 ford Ranger and Can someone please provide the part number for the connector plug?

The OBDII terminal is located under the dashboard to the right of the steering column at approximately the same level as the hood release latch. A universal scan tool can be purchased for about $65 at WalMart or an auto parts store.

Reset check engine light 1995 cavalier?

After repairing the cause of the code, you can clear it with a scan tool.

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