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Calgary Alberta Canada @ -31 Celsius

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Q: Where is the second coldest place on earth today?
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What is the coldest place in the world today what the temperature?


Where did the second earth hour takes place?

The first Earth Hour took place in Sydney, Australia. The second Earth Hour took place in New York City, in the USA. There are as many as 38 countries participating today.

Where is the Coldest Place on earth today?

Depends what you mean by low its Vostok In Antarctica with a low of -128.F by average its Plateu in antarctica with an average of-70.F

What is a sentence with coldest?

Today is the coldest day of the year.

Where is the coldest place on earth today November 24 2010?

Red Deer, Alberta , Canada hit a low of -36° C / -33° F early Wed Nov 24 morning !

Where is it the coldest today?


Is coldest a word?

Yes. It is cold today, yesterday was colder, but tommorrow will be the coldest day of the year.

Coldest country today?

Canada and Russia.

Was the reading for the coldest polace on earth taken on the plateau in vostok?

The Coldest Place on Earth, written by Apsley Cherry-Gerard, was written about his experiences with the Terra Nova Expedition to Antarctica led by Sir Robert Falcon Scott in the period 1910-1912. The true story takes place on Ross Island in Antarctica, which is located near today's McMurdo Station (Lat/Lon: 77.8° S 166.7° E). Vostok Station is located (78.4° S 106.9° E).

What is the coldest country today?

Russia and Canada's northernly average temperatures are about the same, which makes them the coldest countries.

What is the coldest temperature itsbeen in Lancaster ca?


Why were scientists suprissed to find coal in the Arctic?

scientist were surprised to find coal in the artic because coal is found in the warmest places and not the coldest places and the artic is the coldest place