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Where is the serial number on a Monark bicycle?


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IT is on the unerneath of the main Pedal gear assembly. Starts with a letter,then 6 numeric digits. there is a 4 digit numeric stamp as well!


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The Monark Rocket Ladies bicycle is going for $200-$300 on eBay. Of course, it can go for more depending on the condition.

IF you are talking about a Monark Super Deluxe model bicycle, you should contact with photos of the bicycle for an authentic, correct response. THey have the paper archives of Monark.

I think they were only made in 1962 the huffy sister bike was a galaxy. like ford is to mercuy.ANSWER:NOT true. Monark El Camino was made other years. It is impossible to make accurate responses in this case without (A.) first seeing the bicycle in question... and (B.) seeing the serial stampings on the frame. Only then can it be determined what year, etc. NBHAA has ALL Monark

I'm looking for the date of a J.C. Higgins bicycle with the serial number 705495

Based on the date code for the letters in this serial number, it was made in February of 1975.

One can book a flight with Monark Airlines in a number of ways. One can ask their local travel agent to book it. Failing that they can go to the Monark Airlines website.

Monarch is the bike manufacturer, Silver King is the line, and Rocket is the trim package. The Monarch Silver King Rocket was one bicycle.

It's probably not worth a lot, bicycles rarely become expensive collectibles. Check Craigslist and Ebay to find out what similar bikes are selling for.

There is a Monark Bicycle Company (which operated in the 1940s and 1950s after World War II) and a Monarch Bicycle Company (which operated in the 1890s). Neither is still in business.

Serial numbers on bikes are usually found on the part that holds the crank arms to the bike

The crown is such an obvious and popular symbol that it has been used by several companies. Both Monark and Rex for instance have both had crowns in their logos.

The serial number on a Schwinn 220 recumbent exercise bicycle is located on the underside of the rear stabilizer bar (the short bar underneath your seat). You have to tip the machine on its side, and you will see a white sticker with a small grid and several numbers printed on it, and that's where your serial number can be found. Yeah, I know... most difficult to access spot on the whole machine... of course!!

Serial numbers are usually found on the underside of the bottom bracket, but can also be found on the head tube and sometimes on the seat tube.

First you need to know the brand. It could be a MONARK or a SILVER KING, etc. (Just like Pontiac and Chevrolet are both made by GM, but one is one, the other is the other). Then you need to know the model. For example, there were at least 20 models of Monarks and Silver Kings in 1955, so that's about 40 different bicycles in all. You need to know which of these is yours. Try has ever Monark and SIlver King catalogue and knows evertything there is to know about these bicycles. The bicycles in question would have to be "MONARK", not "Monarch" which was another company that did not make Silver King. Contact which has all original Silver King and Monark information. Be sure to read and follow instructions in the FAQs section for getting IDs done.

Serial numbers aren't coordinated between manufacturers, so you've got to know that first. Then maybe you can find out some more.Westfield Bicycle Company

DM Serial Number serial number not much there, but if you put the name in a search engine, you should find something. *Motorcycles, not bicycles*

You don't, as the serial numbers aren't coordinated between manufacturers. You've got a better chance by posting a pic on a bicycle site(, www and ask there if someone can identify it.

The name of the company was Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company- not "Murray of Ohio" as bicycle web sites seem prone to say. It NEVER had such a name and how it got morphed that way in the hobby and the Internet is a mystery. And Murray's serial numbering system had absolutely NOTHING to do with Schwinn's system.

Bicycles doesn't have anything near the VIN registration of a car or motorcycles. It is hugely unlikely that you'll be able to trace a bicycle owner through the frame serial number. Very rare (and expensive) bicycles are sometimes registered to the owner by the shop selling them, or by the manufacturer. Some owners do note their serial number and MIGHT report this to the police IF their bicycle gets stolen. But far from all.

A lot of them will be generic, and can be gotten from just any bicycle store. The special parts, like fenders, chain case ASO, you'll have to look in Craigslist, ebay, yardsales, flea markets and such.

1953 made between march 4th to march 31. However I didn't know the Varsity was made that early are you sure there isn't another letter in the serial number. If it has AL32165 it would be January 1975 more likely.

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