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It may not have one. Rifles and shotguns made prior to 1968 were not required to have serial numbers.

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Serial numbers were not required prior to 1968.

I can say that Stevens began production of the model 94 single shot shotguns in the year 1929.and finished in the year 1945.

This was sold by Sears , made by Stevens between 1912 and 1942. It was not made by Browning.

Post the serial number of the gun and I'll let you know.

The serial number range for the Stevens model 520-30 military shotguns is from 30,000-70,000.As to the year of manufacture you will probably have to contact Savage/Stevens directly.

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Stevens Model 940c was manufactured between 1961 and 1970. If your shotgun has no serial number then it was made before 1969.

I have a J Stevens Springfield Model 15, .22 single shot, and there is no serial number. I bought it a t a gun store, and the dealer marked my receipt to indicate it had no serial number. There is also no indication that a serial number was removed.

Impossible to answer. Serial numbers are NOT unique to only one gun in the world- or they would be REALLY long numbers.

That form of the Stevens name indicates manufacture between 1886 and 1915. Since you have a serial number, the Stevens historian may be able to give you an exact year, for a fee. should have his contact information.

most dont due to the fact that they were made prior to 69, the year that all long guns were required to have a serial number.

That the actual serial number low on this model. It should be on the trigger metal guard

On older weapons such as yours, serial numbers did not exist as they were not required by the government then. I don't know exactly when it was produced. Somewhere between 1900 and 1920.

They were made in .410 bore, 20, 16, 12 gauge, and may have had 32 and 28 gauge options, though they are rare if they exist. It should say on the barrel what gauge and choke it is.

The Stevens model 44 ideal single shot rifle was made from 1894-1932.The model 44 1/2 Stevens single shot was made from 1903-1916.

It may not have one. Older, less costly guns often did not have a serial number if they were made before 1968.

Go to where they have thousands of parts. Search for what you need.

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Go to the library and look for Flayderman's Antique American Firearms. You should be able to identify your pistol from the pictures and descriptions in the Stevens chapter.

What is the value of a Stevens model 940b 16 gauge single shot? And when was it made?

Sn data is located in some books published on the Stevens company.

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