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On the firewall , driver side.

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Q: Where is the slave cylinder on a 1991 Plymouth laser?
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What is the firing order for a 1991 Plymouth Laser 2.0L 4 cylinder non-turbo?


Does a 1991 Plymouth laser make a 1.6 dohc?

no the smallest the company put in a laser was a 1.8

Who makes the Turbo for the 1991 Plymouth Laser RS and where can you get repair kits for them?


How much horsepower does a stock 1991 Plymouth Laser 1.8 have?

135 horsepower

Where is the fuel pump fuse for a 1991 Plymouth laser?

The fuel pump fuse on a 1991 Plymouth Laser is located in the engine compartment's fuse box. It prevents the fuel pump from being damaged by an electrical surge.

How do you change a slave cylinder on a 1991 Mazda MX-6?

How do you change a slave cylinder on a 1995 Mazda B2300 2wd?

Where is the clutch slave cylinder at on a 1991?

On the passanger side bellhousing.

What size are the stock speakers in the back seat of the 1991 Plymouth laser?


How do you replace a clutch slave cylinder on a 1991 YJ Wrangler?

You will have to remove the transmission since the slave cylinder on the 91 yj is inside the bellhousing.

Where is the slave cylinder at on a Chevy 1991 S10?

Inside bell housing. Transmission has to be removed to gain access to the slave cylinder/throw-out bearing.

How do you take off a tire of a 1991 Plymouth Laser?

get a clue,if you have to ask,you shouldn't even be driving...

What is the front door speaker size for a 1991 Plymouth Laser RS?

You can put 4" speakers...

Why is clutch fluid leaking between transmission and motor on 1991 Chevy S10?

The clutch slave cylinder is probably at fault. Replacement is necessary to fix problem. Transmission must be removed to gain access to the slave cylinder.

Why when I release the key the car stops running for a 1991 Plymouth Laser?

Sounds like a worn ignition switch

Where is the starter located on a 1991 plymouth acclaim?

Four cylinder it is on the back, under the manifolds. Six cylinder, it is on the front under the exhaust manifold.

Where is th ecu in a 1991 Plymouth laser?

near the back of the engine bay, it says in bold lettering ECU 3000

Where is the maf sensor located on a 1991 Plymouth sundance 4-cylinder?

That car does not use a maf sensor.

How do you replace a slave cylinder 1991 ford 4 wheel drive?

I'm pretty sure that on that vehicle the slave cylinder is located inside the transmssion which means the transmission must be removed to replace it

How do you bleed the slave cylinder on a 1991 ford explorer?

bleed it the same way u bleed the brakes

How do you adjust clutch Nissan truck 1991?

Check your clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder for leaks,if no leaks,then you need a new clutch kit.

Can you remove the AC belt on a 1991 Plymouth Laser 2.0 turbo and run the car without it?

Yes you could. That belt is only for the AC.

Why would the tape player not work and the radio only pick up one station in a 1991 Plymouth Laser?

Time to take it to the shop.

How to replace clutch slave cylinder 1991 Nissan Maxima?

I am paying $195 parts and labor in my 98 maxima

Does the 1991 Plymouth acclaim have an interference engine?

No. A 1991 Plymouth Acclaim does not have an interference engine.

What are the release dates for Plymouth - 1991 TV?

Plymouth - 1991 TV was released on: USA: 26 May 1991