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Remove the oil cap and the eco plate underneath it. Disconnect the wires and remove the coil pack, and the spark plugs will be under that.

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Q: Where is the spark plugs on the vauxhall zafira?
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How do you change spark plugs on a Vauxhall Zafira?

To change the spark plugs on a Vauxhall Zafira open the hood of the vehicle. The spark plugs will be located on the engine. It is best to used a spark plug removed to unscrew the plugs. They will be connected to a cable. Remove the cable. Replace the plugs with new ones and reattach the cable.

Where do you find the spark plugs on your vauxhall zafira club 1.6 2003?

at the end of the plug wires

How often do you need to change air filter and spark plugs on vauxhall zafira?

air filter every 20,000 miles, i change spark plugs once a year

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