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Where is the speed sensor in a 99 Dodge Intrepid?


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2004-10-24 18:59:47
2004-10-24 18:59:47

The speed sensor screws into the side of the trans/axle on earlier Intrepid models, I would assume it's still there on a 99..... Yeah, I found the speed sensor, it was located on the back of transmission. Had little difficulty accessing it, but once replaced it, it fixed the problem.


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i had the same problem with my 99 and it was in the rear end

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It sends the speed of the axle to the abs computer so it can calculate what the vehicle's ground speed.

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where is the speed sensor on a 1999 dodge ram The vehicle speed sensor is located on the top of the rear axle. You remove the nut and stud that hold it down and gently twist and pry it out. Be carefull not to break it off.

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There is no fuel pump inertia switch on a 1999 Dodge Intrepid.

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