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The VSS is located on the output shaft housing of the transmission on the passenger's side of the vehicle. You can see it by either going down behind the engine to the top of the transmission housing on the passenger's side(an inspection mirror might help). You can also raise the vehicle, pull the right front wheel, and you may be able to see it somewhat at that point.

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Q: Where is the speedometer sensor located on a 1997 Ford Taurus?
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What causes the speedometer to be intermittent on a 1997 Ford Taurus and how is it fixed?

Have the speed sensor replaced.

Where is the speedometer sensor located on a 1997 Nissan quest?

why does speedometer come on and off ?

Does a 1997 Nissan pathfinder have a speedometer cable or speed sensor where is it located?

it has a speed sensor. its located in the transmission on a 2wd model and in the transfer case of a 4wd model

What would cause the speedometer and odometer to stop working in a 1997 Taurus?

It could be a problem with the speedometer assy, since the two are actually one unit. It could also be a speed sensor which is located in the transmission housing on the the right side output drive axle housing.

DOes the 1997 Taurus have a speedometer cable?

No, it does not. It's all electronic.

Where is the speedometer fuse for a 1997 Ford Taurus located?

It is located down by the brake pedal....on the left side. its a rectangular shaped black plastic box mounted on the firewall.

What made your speedometer quit working on your 1997 mustang cobra?

Most likely it is the vehicle speed sensor which is located on your tranny!

Why would 1997 Ford Taurus speedometer stop working and now your car will not accelerate?

Had the same problem off and on in my 1999 Taurus. The speedometer needs to be replaced. The problem is in the speedometer and not the transmission like I was initially led to believe. My mechanic said it wasn't that big of a repair.Coincidentally, the vehicle speed sensor feeds information to both the speedometer and the transmission....See "Related Questions" below for more

Does a 1997 Ford Taurus sho have a knock sensor?

Yes , one of Ford's websites lists a knock sensor for the 3.4 liter SHO engine in a 1997 Ford Taurus

How do you remove 1997 sable speedometer sensor?

Is it a 12 valve engine or 24 valve? What do you mean by speedometer sensor? Do you mean Vehicle speed sensor? If so why do you want to change that?

Where is the turbine speed sensor on a 1997 Ford Taurus?

its located just above the transmission pan usually on the back side of transmission

Where is oil sending unit located on 1997 Ford Taurus?

For the DOHC motor look behind the dipstick tube for a single wire sensor.

What do you do if your speedometer and odometer are working only intermittently on a 1997 Honda Civic EX coupe?

Check out the wiring for the speed sensor located on the trans,. GoodluckJoe

Where is the fuse for speedometer and temperature gauge in 1997 dodge caravan?

They don't have fuses. The speedometer is controlled by the speed sensor(s) and the temperature gauge is controlled by the coolant temperature sensor.

Where is the cam shaft position sensor on 1997 Ford Taurus wagon?

It is located on the rightside of the intake manifold, infront the intake air tubing, sensor is in a vertical position, straight down in to the manifold.

Where is the cable in the speedometer on a 1997 Plymouth neon?

It doesn't have one. It uses a speed sensor and drives the speedometer electrically. If your speedometer isn't working, it could be the sensor or it could be broken solder points on the instrument cluster circuit board.

How do you change the speedometer cable on a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer?

There is no Cable it is a speed sensor on the transmission

What would cause a 1997 Ford Mustang GT cruise and Speedometer to quit working and the Fuses are good?

possibly a bad/broken speed sensor located on the transmission

Is there a speedometer cable on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

I believe starting on the 1996 Explorer , it went to an electronic speedometer with a vehicle speed sensor ( VSS ) so it doesn't have a conventional speedometer cable

Where is temperature sensor located on a 1997 2.4L Chevy cavalier?

Where is radiator temperature sensor located on a 1997 2.4L Chevy cavalier

Where is the trans-axle located on a 1997 Ford Taurus?

On a 1997 Ford Taurus : The transaxle ( transmission for a front wheel drive vehicle ) is located in the engine compartment bolted to the engine

What years and models have the same speedometer cluster as a 1997 Toyota T100?

engine coolant temp. sensor

Where is the speedometer cable on a 1997 Lincoln town car?

no cable electronic speed sensor (wire driven)

How do you replace a Speedometer cable from start to finish on a 1997 ford explorer?

Actually , it doesn't have a conventional speedometer cable , it has an electronic speedometer and a vehicle speed sensor ( VSS ) according to my Haynes repair manual

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1997 Ford Taurus?

It is internal, in the alternator