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Where is the starter in an 88 Jeep Cherokee?


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2004-08-17 23:14:11
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It is at the rear of the motor. Follow the largest cable from the battery(RED CABLE) to the back of the motor and it will end at the starter.

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The solenoid is built on the starter.

The starter relay is built on the starter.

The starter is on the lower passenger side of the engine.

The starter solenoid on a 1994 Jeep Cherokee is built on the starter.

A 1988 Jeep Cherokee does not have an inertia switch. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

starter or CKP sensor?

The starter solenoid is on the side of the starter motor. It's the small cylinder that wires go to.

Normally only with the starter.Normally only with the starter.

starter is located on passenger side on block near transmission,

In the coolant reservoir up by the firewall.

Underneath, on the side of the oil pan.

No it will not the steering column in a 94 Cherokee only fits the 94 Cherokee. If i remember correctly 88-89 will workin an 89. I own a 94 Cherokee that i have to replace the steerin column in. nate

Jeep does not have one could be the relay or bad pump.

The obvious answer is the one the Jeep sells at its dealerships parts department.

The only foolproof way is to remove the starter and bench test it.

The starter is on the driver side of the engine, above the front axle assembly.

A 1991 Jeep Cherokee computer is what fits a 1991 Jeep Cherokee.

right side of eng over the starter get it from the top

Bottom of the engine, next to the oil pan.

it will be bolted where the transmission connects to the engine at the back of the engine, at the bottom.

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