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look under the hood behind the oil filter


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where is the thermosat on a 1999 kia sportage

may be out of timing or check starter

How do I replace the alternator on my 1999 Kia Sportage

Battery Group Size 58 for: 2000 Kia Sportage, 2001 Kia Sportage, 1999 Kia Sportage

how to adjust the trottle position on a 1999 kia sportage

this has already been answered in another question see how do i replace a starter motor in a 1998 kia sportage with automatic trasmission ?

of course it will, there all the same motor from 1995 thru 2001.

Possibly theheater coil is out

needing to know how to do the time belt for a two wheel drive kia sportage.

Jim Grant's Tech Tips `02 Kia Sportage, Where Are The Spark Plugs? Q: I own a

Yes, the 1999 Kia Sportage with 2.0L DOHC is an "interference" engine, meaning the valves can hit the pistons if the timing belt broke.

I do not have a Kia Sportage!

Kia Sportage was created in 1995.

If not mistaken, it is on the right handside of the motor below the the intake manifold.

which solenoid, starter solenoid or a/c vac solenoid ?

The thermostat on a 1999 Kia Sportage is replace by removing the upper radiator hose, unbolting the thermostat housing, and removing the thermostat. A new gasket can then be put in place and a new thermostat installed.

Kia did not make a sportage in 2003

This information can be found in your owner's manual.

Take your truck to mechanic man to do it for you

1993 to presentThe first generation (JA) Kia Sportage was produced from 1993 to 2004.The second generation (KM) Kia Sportage was produced from 2004 to 2010.The third generation (SL) Kia Sportage was produced from 2010 to 2015Production of the fourth generation Kia Sportage (QL) will commence 2016.

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