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Book of Judges, chapter 16.

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Q: Where is the story of Samson and Deliliah located in the bible?
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Which book of the Old Testament tells the story of Samson and Deliah?

Samson is in the Bible book of Judges, chapters 13 through 16.

What was Samsons donkeys name?

The name of Samson's donkey is not known. The story of Samson happens in the book of Joshua in the Bible.

Was samson born with locks?

The story of Samson begins at Judges 13. The Bible does not say how much hair, if any, Samson had when he was born. Samson may or may not have been an historical figure.

In which book of the Old Testament is the story of Samson and Delilah?

The story of Samson and Delilah can be found in the book called Judges.

What time in history did the story of Samson take place?

Time of the Judges. After Joshua before Saul.

How many kids did Samson in the Bible have?

none That is not true. One of the Midrashim - which is the Hebrew commentary on the Hebrew bible - says that Samson (and Delilah) did indeed have children and that they lived elsewhere in the land of Israel, in a place where gold was: Havilah. So, the Bible doesn't really mention children perhaps, but commentators to the Bible, who studied the Bible in the years after the second destruction of the Hebrew Temple, interpreted the story with children to Samson and Delilah. I guess those children were half Jewish (or Hebrew) and half non-Jewish(Philistines).

Where to find pictures of the bible story of Samson?

You can search online. There are also some Bibles that include pictures, but mostly just children Bibles.

Samson and delilah story how did samson came to have an extraordinary strength?

his hair

What was the jaw bone used to kill Abel in the bible?

Samson used the jawbone of an ass to kill Philistines. No weapon is mentioned in the story of Cain and Abel.

Who lost his strenghth after having his hair cut?

Samson, from the Bible. He was captured by the Philistines, had his eyes gouged out, and was sent to grind grain in prison. The story is in Judges 13-16.

Where is the story lost sheep located in the bible?

The story of the lost sheep is found in the beginning of Luke 15.

Who is the author of the story of Samson and Delilah?

Answer 1The story of Samson and Delilah is one of the most famous in the Old Testament. God gave Samson superhuman strength, but the strength would be taken away if Samson's hair was cut. Samson fell in love with Delilah and eventually told her the secret about his hair being the source of his strength. She shaved his head while he was sleeping, and he was later blinded and enslaved.Answer 2Samson was a man that God raised up to start a war with the Philistines that would last for many years before they were defeated by Israel. Samson was very strong physically and killed many Philistines. Delilah was a woman in whom Samson was interested and the woman who finally discovered the secret of Samson's strength. Actually God was the source of Samson's strength, but Samson believed his strength lay in his hair which had not been cut since birth as he was under a Nazarite vow. You will find their story in Judges, chapters 13 - 16. A very interesting story.