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Where is the sun or moonroof motor located in a 1998 Ford Contour?


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It is inside the same housing as the sunroof switch.

Use a small bladed screwdriver to pry downwards in the very center of the front of the lamp - there's a small spring clip up there to press against.

Once the front has been released, use the screwdriver to pry in the center of the backside of the lamp.

With the lamp out of the way, you can now see 2 Phillips screws at the front of the cover - take those out, the entire cover comes loose from the headliner.

DO NOT PULL AGAINST THE COVER - the plastic around the 2 mounting screws are very fragile and will break rather easily!

NOTE: if you have a sunroof motor that is just clicking/grinding, this is a common failure of an internal plastic/nylon gear. See "Related Link" below for a source of the gear ($55!) - and a photo tutorial on getting at the motor and repairing it.


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the dipstick for the tranmission is on the drivers side in the back of motor.

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where is egr valve on 1998 ford contour

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The Ford Contour was produced from the years 1995 to 2000. The front pump transmission seal in a 1998 Ford Contour is located very close to the camshaft.

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I Had The Same Problem On A 1998. I Was Told It Was The Moonroof Motor. The Starter On Mine Is Already New.

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it the main belt on the side of the motor its on the right of the car

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