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the temp sensor is on the top, front of the engine by the water neck

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โˆ™ 2008-11-16 18:14:01
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Q: Where is the temp sensor plug into on a 93 mustang gt?
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Where is the temp sensor on a 93 northstar?

Which temp? Oil, Water or Outside air?

Where is the air temp sensor on a 1992 Chevy s10 4.3L?

Didn't have an air temp sensor in 92. Came out in 93.

93 Mazda MX3 computer says its water temp sensor or circuit how do you know which wire is broken you have replaced the sensor twice already?

You may want to use a paper clip or small section of wire to jump over the contacts on the plug of the temp sensor. Harness side. This is done with the wire unplugged from the temp sensor. The wire that leads into the plug may be broken. If this dosent work cut the plug off and twist the wire togather. If the warning stops you found the problem.

Where is the coolant temp sensor on 93 z28 lt1 engine?

its on the drivers side head.

Where is the temp sensor for 93 olds cutlass ceirra 3.3?

The temperature sensor on a 93 Olds Cutlass Cierra 3.3 is located on the back of the engine. It is on the intake manifold.

Where is the iat intake air temperature sensor plug on a 93 Nissan 240sx Ive gotta put this racing chip in before Friday?

The IAT intake air temperature sensor plug on a 93 Nissan is on the intake pipe. The EGR sensor is located on the intake manifold.

Where is the temperature switch located on a 93 land cruiser?

If a 93 is the same as a 94 you will find the temperature switch above and slightly to the right of the oil filter (round plug). The temp sensor is located further right and slightly down from the temp switch (about an inch but hard to see). The temp sender for the dash guage is located above and to the left of the oil filter. Good Luck, Tom J.

How many oxygen sensors 93 mustang?

two o2 sensors on a 93 mustang 5.0

Where is the water temp sensor located in a 93 Chevy 1500?

The sensor for the water temp. in the dash will be screwed into the drivers side head between the first 2 spark plugs up front. Now if you are looking for the coolant temp sensor Then that will be screwed into the top front of the intake manifold just to the left of the thermostat housing.

93 Chevy tbi runs good then starts flooding?

I had one do that and it turned out to be the coolant temp sensor next to the thermostat was bad.

Can you fit a 93 Ford Mustang 5.0 engine in a 93 mustang LX?

It's should you might buy a mount for it

What is the highest gearing a 93 mustang can have and still go on the highway?

a 93 mustang can sill go on the highway with a max of 6 gears

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