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Where is the thermostat located on a 1993 Acura Legend?


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trace the lower radiator hose to the engine, that's where the thermostat located.


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The thermostat is located at the other end of upper radiator hose.

Where is the obd1 plugin on a 1993 acura legend

The 1993 Acura Legend fuel pump relay is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The fuel pump relay will be on the passenger side of the firewall.

There is no fuel pump reset button on a 1993 Acura Legend. Thee is a fuel relay which is located under the dash of the vehicle on the driver side.

No only 20 inch rims fit in a 1993 Acura Legend

A 1993 Acura Legend requires 24 ounces of R134a refrigerant to refill the air conditioning system. This is applicable to all engine types for the 1993 Acura Legend.

The oil drain plug on a 1993 Acura Legend is 14mm x 1.5

located in the top of the drivers side valve cover between the front and mibble coil.

follow your lower radiator hose to where it connects to the engine block remove that hose and there u go thermostat will be inside the thermostat housing right underneath

I do believe it is the same body style and most things should transfer over to the 1993. It may have some electrical differences but not many. You can also transfer parts from a 1994 Acura Legend.

The 1993 Acura Legend has a timing belt. For 1991-1994 model years, the manufacturer recommends that the belt be replaced every 90,000 miles or 72 months.

Started is located on the drivers side on the engine behinde the AC compressor. You will need to raise the car and access it from the bottom (real fun to change)

The 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra thermostat is located on the front of the engine. You can follow the water supply line from the radiator to the thermostat housing.

The 1993 Acura Legend fuel pump relay switch can be found attached to the vehicle frame, next to the fuel tank. The fuel pump relay will be on the left side of the fuel tank frame.

The Anti-Theft code that is associated with the "Theft Deterrent System" is a 5-digit code located on the underside of the ashtray.

The 1993 VW thermostat can be found on the front of the engine. You can follow the top radiator hose directly to the thermostat housing.


Follow the top hose back to the thermostat housing.

we have 1993 acura legend it hard up it 4 to 5 times to start up when it start it will start up e.z i mean when engine warm up any body have any idea ?

On the passenger side-Under the ECU cover.. On he

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