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Where is the thermostat located on a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am GT?


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2005-02-04 01:40:03
2005-02-04 01:40:03

under the exoust man, just befor the water pump. tight fit and causes a lot of problems because of the heat in that area


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Where is the motor mount located on 1995 grand am

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Raise or lower the temperature to change the reading on the thermostat.

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The turn signal relay for the 1995 Pontiac Grand Am is mounted above the fuse block. Look under the dashboard on the driver's side.

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The Thermostate is located behind the exhaust manifold between the firewall and engine. If you're on the passenger side, look straight down in the second hole in the manifold and there is a metal cover with 2 bolts. That's the housing for the thermostat. took bolts out cant get thermostat out

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