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Where is the thermostat on a BMW 325?

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2011-07-17 15:16:01

"thermostat" id="thermostat">thermostat

What is the year? If it's an e36, its where the two radiator hoses

meet in front of the engine above the belts.

My car is a 2002 325 i, e46 model. 90k miles and never

overheated. Read below.

here is something else i am looking at on mine. I replaced the

coolant reservoir yesterday, but after taking the old one off the

car, realized that there is some small enclosed thermostat located

under the reservoir. The new reservoir slides down onto the hoses

and junctions, and into this bottom hose there is an enclosed and

very small looking apparatus. Measuring about 1/2 inch across and

about the same in height, and sitting on a spring, the one in my

car was sitting crooked, and this resulted in the new reservoir not

seating properly and fully down on the connections and hoses.

Inspecting it showed that it should be fully upright and let the

reservoir seat down on it. A VERY tight fit. Attempting to

straighten mine out, and being gentle, it cracked and came apart in

my hand.

Now I am screwed, as NO ONE has ever mentioned this particular

part in any discussion that I have found. What exactly is it, and

how important is it?

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