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its all the way back by the windshield its an orange dipstick


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The Acura 3.2 liter engine oil dipstick can be found on the left-hand side of the engine. The transmission dipstick can be found on the left-hand side of the transmission.

It's on the drivers side of the engine. The dipstick has a yellow loop handle.

..If it is stickshift it doesnot have a dipstick...AUTOMATIC HAS ONE RIGHT BELOW THE DIST....

HOW TO REPLACE A TIMING BELT ON A 1992 ACURA VIGOR? how do you change a timing belt on a 1992 acura vigor 2.5l how do you change a timing belt on a 1992 acura vigor 2.5l -------------------------------- See article at the Acura Vigor Club -- Related Links (below).

The acura vigor does not have a block heater.

Where is the fuel pump locate on the 1992 acura vigor

If it is an automatic transmission, you add transmission fluid with a long funnel through the dipstick opening.

You will need to unplug the connector on the hood switch. That is how you can override on an Acura Vigor.

Look for the same answer. where is the location of an 92 - 94 acura vigor flasher?

there was no 1989 vigor..acura

You have to fill it up where the transmission dipstick is. It requires a small funnel. There is no other place to fill the transmission fluid up. The dipstick is to the left side of the motor and down low.

you'll find the whole shop manual for the Acura Vigor for free at

On my '94, I went through dipstick. Make sure you get the HONDA/ACURA fluid from the dealer.

right under your distributor down a little lower.

Dextron II is recommended for the acura vigor transmission... I wish this was true. The manuals say that Dextron II is an acceptable alternative to the Genuine Honda Z1 ATF. In the real world it is not. For smoother shifting there is no way around buying the more expensive Honda Z1. Read any Honda/Acura Forum post, and they will back this up.

You are better taking off the engine with the transmission together, I have a 93' Vigor and changed the transmission and it pretty hard, there many bolts that are hard to get; if you need to changed your engine, it will be much easier taking the transmission off while the engine is off the vehicle..

The fuse for fuel pump on a Acura Vigor is located in the cabin fuse box. It is in slot 2 and is rated at 15 amps.

if its a manual transmission you dont have one it has a plug you unscrew and look into if its an automatic its on the passenger side(the side with the transmission) it will have a yellow handle on it.

Depending on the year of the lengend, I believe it will.

Down the transmission dipstick tube.Down the transmission dipstick tube.

The front bearings on an Acura Vigor are pressed on bearings, unless you have access to a press or know of a shop that can do this for you I wouldn't attempt this job.

If an Acura Vigor brake light is not working there are likely two reasons. One is that a fuse is blown and the other is that the bulb is blown. It could be both.

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