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Where is the transmission fluid reservoir for a 1985 Nissan Stanza?


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AnswerHELP! I have a 90 Stanza On top of tranny cover pan there's a metal tube that looks like a vacuum line goes on it. I noticed hose is gone and have no idea where it attaches on the other end PLZ Help!!

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There is no external transmission reservoir. Transmission fluid is stored in the transmission. Fluid is added at the same point at which you check the fluid level.

There is no such thing as a 94 stanza, it became the altima in 93.

This vehicle do not have a transmission filter. All you have to do is drain the trans. fluid and refill.

The Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission fluid reservoir can be found on the bottom of the transmission. The automatic transmission fluid reservoir is known as the transmission fluid pan.

Passenger side engine compartment greenish reservoir with "POWER STEERING FLUID" printed on the lid

The reservoir is inside the transmission. The fluid is stored in the pan underneath the transmission.

In the transmission fluid reservoir. Check your owner's manual for the location of the reservoir.

Transmission fluid is contained in the transmission itself, there is no separate reservoir.

The 1991 Ford Probe does not have a transmission fluid intake reservoir. All of the transmission fluid is contained in the transmission.

The bottom of the transmission is the reservoir.

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How do you add transmission fluid to a Nissan Altima with standard transmission?

06 nissan pathfinder type of transmission fluid

Engine oil reservoir, differential, radiator, power steering reservoir, brake fluid reservoir, windshield washer fluid reservoir, transmission or clutch.

On a standard tranny there is no reservoir. On an automatic tranny it is internal to the tranny. The fluid resides in the transmission pan.

There is not an external transmission fluid reservoir - fluid is added through the dipstick tube.See "Related Questions" below for more

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There isn't a reservoir. Fluid goes directly into the transmission housing.

The pan (usually black in color) on the bottom of the transmission serves as a reservoir for transmission fluid. Keep in mind that that it holds only about half of the total transmission capacity.

There isn't a transmission fluid reservoir on an 86 S10 pickup. The transmission fluid is held in the transmission itself.

The transmission fluid reservoir is inside the transmission on the bottom. The pan on the bottom of the transmission is the reservoir. You add fluid at the same place you check it. On some newer GM vehicles there is no place to check the fluid level. These transmissions are sealed for life. Please read your owner's manual.

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