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There is no external transmission reservoir. Transmission Fluid is stored in the transmission. Fluid is added at the same point at which you check the fluid level.

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What type of transmission fluid needed for 2006 nissan maxima

The transmission fluid capacity in a 2004 Nissan Maxima SL is approximately 3.5 quarts. The transmission fluid can be purchased at any auto parts store.

high mileage transmission fluid probably

A person should use the right type of transmission fluid in their car to keep it running well. The 1993 Nissan Maxima uses Dextron III transmission fluid.

how many quarts of transmission fliud does a 2005 nissan maxima takes

If your 93 Nissan Maxima will not go into reverse at all, your transmission is either getting ready to go out or you are low on transmission fluid. You should check your transmission fluid first before messing with the actual transmission.

The reason a 1992 Nissan Maxima is downshifting so much is the transmission is slipping. This may be due to low transmission fluid levels, or old and worn out transmission fluid. The transmission itself may need to be rebuilt.

Manufacture recommends Nissan-Matic "D" automatic fluid or equivalent

NISSAN MATIC-K AUTO TRANNY FLUID, (i work for a tranny shop)

Same fluid which is used for brake fluid dextron

it needs Nissanmatic C fuid for 89-94

This depends on what type of transmission it has and where in the world the car was originally sold.

The refill is also the same access to check the fluid level.Use a funnel to add transmission fluid as needed.Use recommended fluid.

where do you add clutch fluid to 1999 nissan maxima

Its in a 3rd fuse box in the engine compartment next to the wiper fluid reservoir

The Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission fluid reservoir can be found on the bottom of the transmission. The automatic transmission fluid reservoir is known as the transmission fluid pan.

The reservoir is inside the transmission. The fluid is stored in the pan underneath the transmission.

In the transmission fluid reservoir. Check your owner's manual for the location of the reservoir.

Transmission fluid is contained in the transmission itself, there is no separate reservoir.

Use only what Nissan recommends which is Nissan Matic K or Dexron II. This is listed in your owners manual and possibly on the transmission dip stick.

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