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Runs from the passenger fender (vacuum reservoir) back to the firewall and comes through a rubber plug below the dash (glove box side)

Grey and purple are the two colors that i had to replace to fix mine.

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Q: Where is the vacuum line for ac vent in 1979 cutlass salon?
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Where can you find a vacuum line diagram for a 1986 Olds cutlass?

the diagram you are looking for is on the fan guard connected to your radiator

Where is the vacuum hose for a cutlass supreme transmission?

Look under the air filter and mounted on the transmission facing the radiator is a gray and round metal valve with a vacuum line attached.

How do you install a salon backwash unit with vacuum breaker?

Same as any sink. The vacuum breaker installs in the backwash unit. Just plumb in hot & cold, and plumb out a drain line.

For a 1979 F250 400 is the vacuum line on the distributor full or advanced off the carbuerator?

The carbuerator advances the distributer.

Where is automatic transmission modulator on 1995 cutlass supreme?

If this transmission is equipped with a modulator valva it will be on the frontside of the transmission. Pointing towards the radiator. Its a round canister with a vacuum line plugged into it.

Where can one find the vacuum line routing for a 1979 Ford F100 302 V8?

I have found ten different vacuum routing diagrams for 1979 302's. They are referenced by the engine calibration code, I cannot find any information on how to locate my calibration code. If anyone can answer this, then I can help with the vacuum routing.

How do you replace a transmission vacuum modulator on a 1972 Olds Cutlass 350350?

Disconnect the battery (always disconnect the battery when working under the car!!!) Unplug the vacuum hose. Remove the retaining bolt. Pull out the old modulator. Slide in the new one. Replace the bolt and vacuum line. That's about it.

Is a vacuum breaker needed in Salon shampoo sink in MA?

It is needed in every salon sink to prevent the rinse head from being left running in a sink causing a backflow effect back into the potable water system and contaminating it somewhere else down the line.

Where is the check valve on 1991 Chrysler new yorker salon found?

Fuel pump check valve is on the pump in the tank. vacuum check valve is in the line going through the firewall.

Gas line on a 1986 Cutlass Cierra?

what about it?

What causes your transmission to make grinding sounds on a 96 cutlass?

Low or bad transmission oil, bad transmission solenoid, vacuum line issues, worn transmission gears, bad torque converter.. all possible reasons.

How does moisture get into the vacuum line of a furnace?

Moisture can enter the vacuum line of a furnace due to condensation forming inside the line, small leaks in the vacuum line, or improper installation that allows water to intrude. Humid environments can also contribute to moisture entering the vacuum line.