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Where is the water pump located on a 1990 Honda CRX?


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On the timing belt side of the motor. On the timing belt side of the motor.

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show me picture of where the water pump is located on 1991 Honda prelude si

where is the water pump located on 1997 honda accord

The water pump on a 1999 Honda Passport is located behind the timing belt cover. The radiator and timing belt have to be removed to access the water pump.

Water Pump is behind timing belt cover and is driven by the timing belt.... back side of engine (drivers Side)

On a 1990 Plymouth Voyager 3.0, the water pump is located behind the timing cover. The timing belt is what drives the water pump.

Water pump is located below alternator on passengers side

Where is the Water Pump located and how do you replace it on a 1990 Chevy Corsica?

follow the lower radiator hose from the radiator to the water pump

The water pump in a Honda CR-V is located on the inside of the engine housing. With the housing removed, you can see the timing belts The water pump is right next to the timing belts on the engine.

The water pump is driven by the cam belt. The lower radiator hose connects to the water pump.

The water pump and cam are driven by the same belt. The oil pump has no relation to these.

The fuel pump of a 1990 Honda Accord is located underneath the rear seats. There is a circular service panel that allows a user to easily replace and maintain the fuel pump without dropping the gas tank.

Located in the fuel tank. Can be accessed from inside the trunk. You will find an access panel above the fuel pump.

The water pump on a 1993 Honda Civic is found on the driver side of the engine bay. The pump assembly can be seen next to the timing belt.

The fuel pump relay on the 1990 Honda Civic wagon will be located on the fuel line. Follow this line to the gas tank underneath the vehicle. This relay will be located on the right side of the line before it goes into the tank.

It is located in front of engine you must remove timing cover and timing belt. So if your going to do this replace timing belt to if you have not done so.

The water pump is located in the timing set up behind the timing cover its a good idea to replace the timing belt when u replace the water pump

how to replace the water pump on a 1998 Honda Accord

you have to remove the belts and water pump pulley the water pump is located behind the timing cover.

The pump is set into the front of the engine block. You have to remove the timing belt to get to it.

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