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Where is the water shut off for a bath tub?


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Tubs usually do not have shut off valve for them. You have to shut off the main supply. Depending on how the house is plumbed, you may be able to shut the cold supply to the water heater and that will shut off both the hot and cold or the main line where it comes into the house.

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If the bath tub is the only place you are not getting water, I would check for a shut-off valve somewhere between the tub and where it branches off from the main hot and cold water lines. Or you could just have a bad valve on the tub.

Outside at the main shut off valve. Showers/Bathtubs do not normally have a shutoff valve like sinks and toilets. The main water valve for the house must be turned off.

Which water you talking about? Under the kitchen sink there should be a C/W shut off If your talking toilet there should be a shut off left hand side under the tank. Shower or bath tub possibly integral stops Main cold water shut off Normally by the house trap. Multi story building a cold water riser

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Most tubs do not have a shut off in the supply lines to it. You have to shut the main off where it comes into the house.

I do not live in a condo thus I have no need to shut the main valve

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