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It's inside the little thingy that holds the coolant/water.

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Q: Where is the water temp sensor on a 2000 beetle tdi if it is not in the upper hose?
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VW Beetle 2.0 camshaft senors 2001?

Show me how to replace the camshaft position sensor on a 2000 volkswagen new beetle

How do you locate the cam sensor on 2000 BMW 740i?

upper timing cover

Where is the upper crankshaft sensor on a 2000 Cadillac Deville?

it above the lower crankshaft sensor, on the side of the block which is the front of the car

Where is the coolant temp sensor on new beetle?

2000 Volkswagen Beetle L4-1781cc 1.8LFig. 2 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensorThe engine coolant temperature sensor is installed in the coolant return (arrow), located between the cylinder head and the radiator

Oil pressure sensor location on a 2000 VW Beetle?

The oil pressure sensor is usually located next to the oil filter. This means that someone has to get underneath the car and jack it up to reach the sensor.

Where is the thermostat located on a 2000 volkswagen beetle?

Location of the thermostat on a 2000 volkswagen beetle?

Where is the bank 2 sensor 1 on a 2000 Toyota sienna?

Bank 2 is the side of the engine that faces the front of the vehicle, sensor 1 is the upper sensor, it is in the exhaust manifold

Where is the ambient temperature sensor on the 2000 town car?

On the 2000 town car, the ambient temperature sensor is under the hood. More precisely, behind the grill mounted to the upper radiator support.

How much does a water pump cost for a 2000 beetle Volkswagen?

not more than 150 $

How many wires on a water temperature sensor for a 2000 ford ranger 4.0?

There are either two or three wires on a water temperature sensor for a 2000 Ford Ranger 4.0.

How do you torque a head on a 2000 vw beetle 2.0 engine?

2000 vw beetle 2.0 head torque

What could be wrong if the radiator fan stopped working on a 2000 vw beetle?

It could be the cooling fan swith, the water temperature sensor, or the cooling, (radiater), fan motor. It can allso be a loose electrical connection or a blown fuse.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor in a 2000 Ford ka?

on the water pump

What is the pink liquid leaking from your 2000 vw beetle?

Coolant is pink. You should have your water pump checked.

Where is the pcv valve in a 2000 firebird 3800 v6?

On the 2000 Firebird 3800 V6, the PCV valve is under the MAP sensor. It is on the top of the engine on the upper plenum.

Can you safely flat tow a 2000 vw beetle?

can I flat tow my 2000 VW New Beetle with 5 speed Transmission

Fuse layout diagram for 69 VW beetle?

do i can assemble engine Volkswagen's beetle 2000 in Volkswagen beetle 1980

Location of water temperature sensor on a 2000 Volvo truck with a Detroit series 60 engine?

On my 2000 International with a Detroit series 60 engine the water temperature sensor is on the back of the engine, passenger side in the cylinder head. Gears

Where is the electronic coolant temp sensor located on a 2000 Chevy blazer?

Usually on the coolant outlet just before the upper radiator hose.

How do you remove 2000 beetle engine?


How do you get a 2000 beetle out of safe mode?


How do you fix a water leak on the 2000 VW beetle?

after 15 minutes when i start my car water start leaking apparently hoses radiator look fine

Where is speed sensor on 2000 Nissan altima?

where is speed sensor on 2000 nissan altima What are the procedures on installing a speed sensor on 2000 nissan altima

How many mpg does a 2000 VW Beetle get?

I average 30 mpg in my 2000 Beetle GLS (manual). That's averaged out for both city and highway driving.

Where is the map sensor on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Which motor does it have? If it is the 4.7L V8, it is on the front of the upper intake manifold, behind and off to the left of the alternator.