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Check behind the inner fenders on the frame for the horn. Many horns are mounted in this location now.


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Drivers side in between dash and pedals, towards the door.

Under the hood in a black box near your battery.

The fuel pump relay for the 1995 ford ranger 2,3 is located under the hood. It is in the power distribution box.

check your fuses.there should be in the panel or under hood.

Under the hood, drivers side, right above the steering column.

It'll either be under dash on drivers side or under the hood in a black box.

under the hood, on the right side , middle, with the blue cap on it. usually hidden under a hose

under the hood to the left under the hood to the left

Under hood, driver side, side of strut tower, mounted on tower in fuel line

Which fuse is blowing. You need to be a little more specific so we can help you. the ignition fuse under the hood

It is located right in the engine right under the hood.

The block heater on a 1995 Ford Ranger is in the engine space under the hood. The plug for the heater block is located near the front of the engine.

In my 1995 it is under the dash next to the console on the passenger side. I have been told that some early 95's had them under the hood but mine is in the car. Hope this helps JR

A 1995 Dakota is OBD 1 not 2. The connector is under the hood, pass side firewall.A 1995 Dakota is OBD 1 not 2. The connector is under the hood, pass side firewall.

under the dash is one. Look behind the area where the hood release is. And there is one under the hood by the battery.

The hood on a 1995 BMW is opened by locating the hood release below and to the left of the steering column. It is pulled outward to release the hood and the latch under the lip of the hood is lifted to open the hood.

Open the glove compartment and you will see a rectangle black box. On the firewall under the hood there is also a screw. Basically the ecm has two screws. one on the inside on the glovecompartment and one under the hood. WHEN THE ECM IS REMOVED YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE UNDER THE HOOD FROM THE INSIDE OF THE CAR.

The VIN is not under the hood, it's on the door frame and under the windshield corner in front.

under the hood on the drivers side by the hood hinge

in the under hood fuse box usaully next to either the left or right front fender


The power distribution box under the hood. The middle of three big fuses. The 60 AMp.

Under hood, center, upper engine area, mounted in rear of intake manifold

No, 1995 was OBD I. The diagnostc connecter is under the hood.

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