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If the switch is concealed in the door latch--(common problem) Spray door latch liberally with WD40 open and close door many times--then spray with silicone should solve problem If not in door latch- could be faulty light switch or wire grounding somewhere in door switch remove, replace and check wiring

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Q: Where might be the problem on your 1996 explorer interior light it wont turn off?
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Have no interior lights at all in 81 buick regal what might be the problem?

checked fuses, or checked for voltage to interior light socket?

Why wont your interior lights come on when you open the doors in your 2000 Saturn LS?

The interior light switch on the ceiling of the car might have them turned off, or there may be some electrical short causing the problem.

Why Peugeot 206 interior light flashes?

When the interior light flashing, check all doors, they might be open or not shut tightly.

Why is 4x4 light blinking in ford explorer?

the 4x4 might not be engaged right

How can you reset check engine light on ford explorer?

you might have to take to the ford dealer or READ THE Manual

Why might the interior lights work-shifter light dome light and trunk light not work if there are no fuses blown and all bulbs are new?

check your ignition switch.

Why is The check engine soon light is on in your 2004 ford explorer limited?

might need to check your engine soon

1984 Honda interceptor with tail light that work and brake light that doesn't Any idea about what the problem might be?

The brake light may be blown (bulb) or your brake light switch might not be working.

What might cause the brake lights to stick on a Ford Explorer?

check the brake light switch it might be sticking. located under the dash connected to the brake pedal

Why did Matthew Henson become a explorer?

he might love being a explorer

Why would the door ajar light on a 96ranger splash stay on and sometime go out when there is no door ajar?

in your doot jam you have little button it is a sensor it might be bad or it is your computer board behind your radio it also controls your door charm and some interior if not all interior light

Why would the gauge lights seem dull in a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT?

first , check you dimmer knob,turn it up or down to see if that works. if that's not the problem, you might have a bad alternator or some other electrical problem with the truck.the light bulbs themselves wont grow dim with age, they will just burn out.

How dangerous is it to drive with the airbag light on?

The airbag light is warning you that something is wrong with the airbag system. In the event of an accident, they might not deploy, and you might get hurt or killed. Have a trained and qualified mechanic look at the system. It might be a simple problem.

What if your 1997 Ford Explorer shutters and vibrates in idle and even a bit while driving and the check engine light is constantly on?

An obdII code reader will tell you why the light is on and might tell you what is wrong

Why do the interior lights stay on after the car is 1999 suburban is turned off?

sounds to me like a wire to the door switches might begrounded, a bad switch, or how about this. Do you have the MANUAL INTERIOR LIGHT SWITCH in the on position. Check it out. Good luck

Why would a flashlight might not light?

Because the bulb is blown, the batteries are flat/absent or there is a problem with the circuitry.

What can cause Internet Explorer not to open?

It is usually due to too many BHO's browser helper objects and maybe malicious addons There can be several reasons for internet explore not to open , for example 1 Either some of the files associated the internet explorer are corrupted or missing . 2 Some issue with the addons in the internet explorer . Note: Might be problem with internet connection. and may be problem with your computer.

When to use the advantages of problem solving?

When facing a problem might be a good time!When facing a problem might be a good time!When facing a problem might be a good time!When facing a problem might be a good time!

Why would a Air bag light came on along with a check engine light?

Crazy as it sounds it could be a voltage problem. You might get an abs light as well. Check the alt voltage for 13.5 or better. If its good you have a real problem and need to get a code reader.

Is it illegal to have the inside light on while driving?

(in the US) If the light is 'directional' (e.g.: a reading light only for the passenger) no, probably not. However, if it is a light for the general illumination of the car's interior, it could be considered a distracting element which destroys the driver's night vision and might be considered an "obstruction to vision." So while it may not be illegal (per se) to have an interior light lit while driving, the condition that it may cause (or lead to) is.

What is the problem if the ETS Off light in your 1999 Chevy Cavalier keeps coming on?

might be throtle postioning sensor

Why has Internet explorer stopped working?

Internet explorer might stop working because of various reasons. Load on system might be one reason for that.

Why does my 97 explorer have no power?

A 1997 Ford Explorer might lose power for a variety of reasons. It is possible that a light was left on and the battery was drained. Or, it could just be time for a new battery, and the old one randomly gave up the ghost.

How do you shut off abs light on a 1998 ford ranger and what might cause the light to stay on?

If the ABS light is on , a malfunction has been detected . It could be a fuse , a sensor , or some other problem

On a 1999 Ford Taurus the left head light is very dim and the interior light will not go out what could be wrong?

Headlight may just have a loose connection. As for the interior light, most likely the door switch is sticking. Spraying white grease around the latch on the door should help. Might take a couple of times and do all four or both doors.