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The fumes are most likely coming from an exhaust leak. The leak could be at the converter, or somewhere else in the exhaust system.

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2006-04-07 01:40:53
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Q: Where might exhaust fumes be coming from that are getting into the vehicle through the 4x4 shift boot?
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Should you stop driving vehicle if white smoke is coming from exhaust?


What is wrong if water is coming through the gearbox?

Since plain water is not used anywhere on a vehicle, it must be getting in through the shifter boot.

Would like know where the catalytic converter is located on the vehicle?

Underneath the vehicle connected to the exhaust pipe coming from the engine. If you look under the vehicle you will see it.

Is it normal for water to be coming out your exhaust on a 5.7 suburban. No AC?

Water condensation coming from the exhaust is normal when the vehicle has been sitting in a wet area, but should stop once it is warmed up. Water from the exhaust after it is warmed up and white smoke from the exhaust is an indication of a blown head gasket.

What are catalytic converters and where are they found?

A Catalytic Converter is used to clean the fumes of the exhaust emmisions coming out of a motorised vehicle.

White smoke coming out of exhaust?

if there is white smoke ur vehicle is either burning oil or it is moisture in the gas chamber

How do you locate your catalytic converctor?

Crawl under the vehicle and look up. You will see the converter connected to the exhaust pipe coming from the engine.

Why is white smoke coming out of your exhaust in your Nissan 240sx?

Sounds like engine coolant is getting into an engine cylinder

How does an after-cooler on a turbocharged diesel engine work?

If you are talking about an intercooler (never heard of an after cooler) the hot exhaust coming out of the cylinders is cycles through the intercooling to cool the exhaust before its cycled through the turbo.

Why are there no exhaust fumes coming from your car?

your exhaust may be jammed

Why is Water disappearing and coming out of exhaust?

You need a head or intake gasket. Coolant is getting into engine. Head more likely.

Why is white smoke coming out of your exhaust in your 92 Lincoln town car?

White smoke out of the exhaust means that there is coolant getting into the combustion chamber. Usually due to a bad head gasket.

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