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most of them might do hajj and umra


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Muslims must travel to Mecca if able Muslims must fast during Ramadan Muslims must pray every day

Muslims must give to the poor and needy.Muslims must fast during Ramadan.

Muslims go to the Mosque to pray or at home, read the holy Quran. On Friday all the Muslims must go to the Masjid.When Muslims enter the mosque they can't wear filthy clothes they must wear clean clothes.When Muslims enter the mosque they bring 20p for thee poor people.Muslims make every effort to lead their lives according to the Q'ran.

They Muslims to go the city of Mecca to perform Hajj. But they must go to Mina and Arafat to complete the rituals of Hajj.

Turkish Muslims, as all Muslims, go to worship in mosques or any other clean place.

No, Muslims are not obliged to go for pilgrimage (or Hajj) if they can't afford it physically, financially, and/or safely.

All Muslims must perform Hajj at least once in a lifetime.

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is the last prophet of Islam according to the Muslims. They must follow him in all matters of life. They must have firm faith in his teachings. His followers are called Muslims.

Yes. Muslims, like all other human-beings, go through puberty.

i dunno if he love muslims but i yhink yes because the muslims love anyone if was christian or any relegion and the christian must love the muslims because the muslims give the christian all why he/she hate muslims.that's all

The Muslims believe him to be the messenger of Almighty Allah. His life is an example for them to follow. He is the role model of the Muslims. They must follow him in all ages.

Muslims go on a pilgraage called Hajj to the holy city of Mecca . The place of prophet Mahammads birth place, they must go there at least once in their life time.

That is like asking do ALL Christians go to a church, very smart question. Ofcourse not, not everyone who is of a religion is "religious" but ofcourse most Muslims go to the mosque.

This depends on the perspective of the Answerer.Atheists would say that Muslims do not go to Hell since there is no Hell.Non-Muslims typically argue that members of their own faiths will have a good afterlife, or at least have a strong chance of having a good afterlife. However, they may believe that Non-Muslims of different faiths will all go to Hell.Muslims would say that all Non-Muslims go to Hell if they actively reject Islam.

A. Muslims must believe Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.C. Muslims must declare their faith to Allah.

Muslims don't really have a church. Muslims have a mosque to go to, in the mosque all Muslims pray and listen to preachings.

The Muslims must face holy Ka'abah while offering prayer.

Yes. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is the last Prophet of Islam. All the Muslims must follow him unconditionally.

It depends on where on the Planet Earth they live. All Muslims must pray in the direction of the Qibla', that is the Kaaba in Mecca.

They come and go all the time.

Muslims mostly live in Saudi Arabia because an important Mosque is there where Muslim must go at least once in a life time

Muslims still must respect and co-operate with non-muslims.

before they pray they must go to the toilet because it is considered didrespectfull to leave for the toilet in the middle of prayer

Answer 1no of course no!Answer 2This depends on the perspective of the Answerer.Atheists would say that Muslims do not go to Hell since there is no Hell.Jews would say that Muslims have a stake in the World to Come (the Jewish "Good Place") provided they follow the Seven Noahide Laws (which almost all Muslims follow).Christians would say that all Muslims go to Hell because they deny Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.Muslims would say that Muslims who are true believers (as opposed to Hypocrites or Munafiqin) will go to Heaven. Those who do not truly believe will go to Hell.

All Muslims are meant to do the Hajj at least once in their lives, so it is very important for them.

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