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Travel Insurance is a good idea for anyone. There are many places that provide travel insurance for seniors. One such place can be found here: http://travelinsuranceforseniors.org/travel-insurance-over-70

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Where to purchase travel insurance for over 80 years old?

There are several websites that offer travel insurance for senior citizens over 80. One site that you can check out is: www.solotravel.org/travel-insurance-over-65s.htm

What age is for senior citizen?

it is 18 years and above

Which companies give discounts on car insurance to people over 50 ?

AARP gives insurance for people over 50 years old. Each insurance company will insure anyone but at a higher price for someone younger or someone who is considered a senior citizen.

What companies provide travel insurance for people over 75 years of age?

Some companies that provide travel insurance for people over 75 years old are Good to Go Insurance, Columbus Travel Insurance and Insure for All Insurance. You can also contact your travel agent or health insurance company for other travel insurance companies

What age does one becomes a senior citizen in England?

In 2010 men in the UK become a senior citizen and can retire at age 65 years and 60 years for women. From 2020 men and women in the UK will both retire at the age of 65 years.

What is age limit in income tax for senior citizen?

65 years old till 31.03.2012Budget 2012 has made changes in age of Senior Citizen.Now, Any person if he is more than 60 years is considered as Senior Citizen for Income tax purpose in India.Relevant tax rates applicable for senior citizen is given here.http://taxgyan.in/senior-citizen-income-tax-rates-and-age/Income upto Rs 2,50,000 is exempt from Income Tax for Senior Citizens.Read more: Who_is_a_senior_citizen_for_income_tax_in_India

Is there any place online I might be able to get travel insurance for senior that is over 65 years.?

When you book your vacations you never if something will come up that will prevent you from going on that trip or if there will be a mishap during the vacation, so it is a great idea to have travel insurance. http://www.travelinsurancefacts.net/over-65-travel-insurance/ offers many different plans for seniors to choose from.

Where can I find inexpensive senior travel insurance.?

Congratulations on still being able to travel, that is wonderful. One website I can suggest is this one: www.statefarm.com I hope you enjoy many years ahead of travelling and fun times.

Who is a senior citizen for income tax in India?

Any person if he is more than 60 years is considered as Senior Citizen for Income tax purpose in India. Income upto Rs 2,50,000 is exempt from Income Tax for Senior Citizens.

Are feet supposed to grow 88 feet long in 7 years of being a senior citizen?

No ... how would then a senior citizen drive a car (a common occurence everyday) with a foot that long? Think!!

Is 62 the age of a senior citizen?

At the age of 62, one can retire with social security benefits within the US, and is considered to be the age of a senior citizen by many organizations. However, the federal government has determined one who is 65 years of age or older is senior citizen.Organizations such as AARP and most businesses consider age 55 as senior citizen and you would receive the standard senior discounts. So there are various opinions, but age 55 is about the youngest considered age.

Who are senior citizen according to India?

Anyone whose age is greater than 60 years

Where can I find a travel insurance that can accommodate over 75 years of age?

there are different places you can find travel insurance here are a few website to help you www.solotravel.org/travel-insurance-over-65s.htmwww.claudes.org/745-Travel-Insurance-Over-75-Years.htm

At what age do you become a senior citizen in the UK?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senior_citizen 65 years old

What is 55 years called middle aged or elderly?

Middle Age. A senior citizen is considered to be 60

How can one get travel insurance when over 65 years old?

Travel insurance can still be purchased when a person is over 65 years of age. The best thing one can do is to phone different insurance companies and find out about different rates.

What is the best place to get travel insurance for 80+?

I would recommend contacting your travel agency or the travel company you are going with to find out more information on travel insurance for persons over 80 years old.

What would be a good website to use to find travel insurance over 65 years?

There are a lot of companies that provide travel insurance at a discount for those customers who are over 65 years of age. You can find more information here: foxytravels.com/cheap-travel-insurance-for-over-65/ and health.medicaresupplemental.com

What does SS means in railway reservation?

It is the quota reserved for female above 45 years or senior citizen who are travelling alone

How old do you have to be to be a senior?

60 years old, i believe.Another View: In the US there is no law or statute that actually states, and gives a numerical age at which, date certain, a citizen is considered to be a senior.

What are the best Canadian insurance companies that deal in long term insurance?

There are a number of Canadian insurance companies that deal in long term insurance. Two of the better known companies include Senior Years and Manulife.

How many years of experience do you need for a senior accountant job?

According to kpcom.com, a senior accountant needs to have at least 5 years experience in accounting/finance. Experience in the insurance industry is usually preferred, but not required.

what is annual travel insurance over 65?

Annual travel insurance over 65 is a type off traveler's insurance targeted for persons aged 65 years or older. These insurance plans are designed to be affordable for a retired person, but more extensive in medical coverage should you have an accident or experience complications due to pre-existing health conditions; at least, the good ones do. Be sure to shop around carefully when selecting an agency. You can further research travel insurance for seniors at http://www.saga.co.uk/insurance/travel-insurance/over-65-travel-insurance.

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