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movies or the mall (:

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Q: Where should you go on a first date when you are 13?
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Where should a 13 year old go on their first date?

I'm a 13 year old and I think you should go to park or a movie!

What age should you go on a date?

13- teenager

You are 13 should you date yet?

Sure go nuts

Where should fourth graders go on a first date?

they should go to the park

When should you go on a first date?

whenever your ready

When did zac go on first date?

It depends which Zac you are talking about and if it is your friend, then you should know when he went on his first date.

Where should you go on a first date this weekend?

go for a walk in the bush or the beach or go to a cafe

What should you do on a first teen date say if you're going to town?

well for the first date i would go to mcdonalds or some where to eat and then go to a movie or somthing,theres no need to rush on the first date.

Should you go on a first date with a girl on Valentine's Day?

Sure, why not.

Where should you go for your first date?

Somewhere simple like the movies

Can you go on a date at 13?

Go for it. Have fun.

Where to go on a first date when your 13?

Well... you're only 13. Go wherever your mom agrees to drive you - that's pretty much your only option.

Where to go on your first date?

you should go somewhere local like the movies or the park or the mall

Should i date the boy that you like and he likes you back at age 13?

Sure, if you like him and he likes you, then go for it.

What is a normal first date for 2 people who are 13?

13 year olds should stay at a house to watch a movie, walk around someplace, or just have a study date alone. Don't go deep on normal first dates it would be too awkward and too much pressure for you guys so just slow down the relationship you do not need to go far.

When do people usually go on there first date?

Around the age of 13. They Usually Go out on A Date In Grd 5 or 6 but if you haven't you should go to public places to meet someone that might like you if by date you mean just hang out with a girl, ya...but i think it doesnt get (too) serious til maybe around 16

How long should a first date last?

That all depends on where you go and what you do. Typically a first date lasts somewhere between three to five hours.

Can a 13 date a 16 in NJ?

woe kinda an age difference there ! idk if you should really go for that sorry

Should a grade 4 go on a date?

You can go on a date if you want or if you dont want to you don't have to my friends are trying to get a date for their first school dance but I don't think ism ready.

How do you get a guy to kiss you if you are gay?

You should probably get to know him first. Go out on a date or two.

How old should you be when you go on your first date?

when your about 14 15 you can go out on a movie date or something but you have to ask your parents if you could they might not always think its ok

How old should people be when they go ona date?

In my opinion, people should not go on dates until they are at least 16, because I'm pretty sure you won't meet you fiance on the first date you go on at the age of 12.

Can a 13 year old date a 10 yaer old?

if you really like him and he likes you you should follow your heart and go out with him

Where should you go for a first date in junior high?

When you are 16 years old To his house or the movies

What age should you be allowed to go on your first date?

Answer:In my opinion, you should go on your first date when you feel like it and when you find someone who feels like going on a date with you. I think it's totally fine to claim you're going to a friend's while you're actually going to the movies with your first date ;)Answer:I say about 15-16 or 14-16. You SHOULD never claim that you are with friend's when you actually aren't. My opinion at least.