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I don't think it really matters, but I put premium in my Park Avenue even though it ain't a Ultra. Chevron and Shell are a few of my favorite places.

Look in your manualSee what octane it calls for and stick to it. Then buy the cheapest possible for that octane rating.Try here for starters and locate your area from there.
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 11:29:01
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Q: Where should you shop for gas for your new Buick Terraza and does it really matter?
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When was Buick Terraza created?

Buick Terraza was created in 2005.

How do you program a remote key fob for a 2005 Buick terraza?

Take it to your Buick dealer is how.

Where is it possible to buy a Buick Terraza?

You can buy a Buick Terreza on the internet. Go to a second hand website or a car selling website and you can buy it there. Just a tip, look on Ebay. They have a lot of cars and things to sell and you can buy a Buick Terraza there.

How do you turn off sest belt warning on a 2006 Buick terraza?

Wear the seat belt as it was meant to be.

What does the battery light mean on a Buick Terraza?

It probably means your battery is low because your alternator is bad. Just a guess.

How do you change the front turn signal light on Buick Terraza?

how to change front turn single bulb on a 2006 buik terriza

What ages is it ok to sit in the front of a Buick Terraza?

A child can not sit in the front seat, but a teen can. They must be over 80 pounds.

Where is the cigarette lighter in a Buick Terraza?

It's below the cup holder, just off the floor. We had a hard time finding it, too!

What age is ok to sit in the front set of a Buick Terraza?

A child should not sit in the front but a tween (A tween is a person the ages of 11-13) can sit in the front as long as the tween is over 80 pounds.

Cylinder 6 missing on engine in Buick Terraza what does that exactly mean?

your car isn't running to maximum performance. wasting gas is also a possibility

Where is the Buick Terraza manufactured?

Doraville GA, the plant is now closed after the 2008 model year. It can be seen on your right from I-285 when traveling south towards Stone Mountain.

The engine light is on on your 2005 Buick Terraza cxl what does that mean?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

What v6 is in the Buick is it a cheve or is it really a Buick?

Need to know what year and engine size.

A vehicle that starts with a t?

Taurus (Ford), Terraza (Buick), Tesla and Thunderbird (Ford) are cars. Additional cars include Topaz (Mercury), Toronado (Oldsmobile), Town Car (Lincoln), Toyota and Trans Am (Pontiac).

Which models did Buick debut as part of their 2006 line up?

Well lets see there is the Lacrosse, the Rendevous, the Lucerne, the Ranier, and the Terraza. This line up includes 2 new sedans and 3 different wagon styled vehicles.

What 2003 Buick car models come with standard airbags?

All the Buick models come with standard airbags. As a matter of fact most vehicles these days no matter what brand come standard with airbags.

Where is the onstar module located on a buick terraza?

Under the panel on the dash that has the red flashing LED and the auto headlight sensor - you will need to remove the trim on the side of the windshield to remove the panel. The onstar box is silver with Motorola words in my vehicle.

What car name is seven letters?

· Acclaim (Plymouth) · Bugatti · Century (Buick) · Charger (Dodge) · Compass (Jeep) · Contour (Ford) · Citroen · Daimler Dart · Deville (Cadillac) · Dynasty (Dodge) · Enclave (Buick) · Ferrari · Galaxie (Ford) · Gremlin (American Motors) · Horizon (Plymouth) · Integra (Acura) · LeSabre (Buick) · Lincoln · Lucerne (Buick) · Mercury · Mustang (Ford) · Octavia (Skoda) · Packard · Peugeot · Porsche · Reliant (Plymouth) · Renault · Scorpio (Ford) · Seville (Cadillac) · Skylark (Buick) · Stanley Steamer · Sunbird (Pontiac) · Sunfire (Pontiac) · Terraza (Buick) · Triumph · Voyager (Plymouth) · Windstar (Ford) · Zastava

Will a header panel from a 1991 Buick Century fit on a 1990 Buick Century?

yea it should

What is the size of a Buick 455 main bearing?

Really big.

How do you replace a Front Turn SIgnal Lamp on 2005 Buick Terraza?

Place vehicle in safe parked position. Crawl under front bumper. Reach up and turn lamp housing counter clockwise. Housing should drop down to about the bottom of the bumper. Replace Bulb. Re - Insert Bulb Housing in Lamp and Turn Clockwise to secure.

Does it have power steering?

Buick LeSabre no matter what model comes standard with power steering.

Can you name a car that begins with T?

· T-Bird (Ford Thunderbird) · Taurus (Ford) · Terraza (Buick) · Thunderbird (Ford) · Topaz (Mercury) · Tracer (Mercury) · Torino (Ford) · Toronado (Oldsmobile) · Town Car (Lincoln) · Toyota · Trans Am (Pontiac) · Triumph

Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick this year?

No, i hate polution as myself

How much horse power does a 1997 Buick Riviera supercharged have?

The Buick Riviera with supercharger should put out 240hp