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The Celtics go by the nickname "Celts" and play in the city of Boston

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the Boston Celtics have always been called the boston celtics.

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Q: Where the Boston celtics always called Celtics?
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Why are the Boston Celtics called the Celtics?

It is likely that they were named the Celtics because of Boston's large Irish-American population.

Where did the Boston Celtics play their first game?

The Boston Celtics played their first game in the stadium called Boston Garden.

What is the name of the Celtics home stadium?

The stadium where the Boston Celtics play is called the TD Garden.

What is a line that separates areas of the newsletter called?

boston celtics

What is the Celtics' stadium called?

TD Banknorth Garden The Boston Celtics staduim name is The Boston Garden (Whoever doen't believe me, check

What does clover mean for Boston Celtics?

back in the day, Boston was full of Irish men. The founder of the team put them in green uniform and called them the Boston Celtics. The clover design is is derived from the Irish culture, since Boston was mostly populated with Irish people.

Which nba team was almost called the unicorns?


Did Hank Larsson have a nickname when he played for the Celtics?

yes they called him the vothanator

How did the Boston Celtics get their name?

Original team owner Walter Brown wanted a hook to try and get Boston's (at the time) large Irish population coming to home games and buying tickets ... So, he hit upon the idea of using the very Irish "Celtics" as the name. Also the team's mascot is called "Lucky the Leprechaun". Again very Irish.

Name the holiday the celtics celebrated on October 31?

Celtics celebrates the end of every harvest and the start of winter. The celebration is called Samhain. It starts on the sunset of October 31st until the sunset of November 1st.

Before TD banknorth garden what was the Celtics arena called?

1995- Shawmut Center 95-05- FleetCenter 05-08- TD Banknorth Garden After moving away from the old Boston Garden, the Celtics built what was to be called the Shawmut Center, after Shawmut Bank (Boston is on the Shawmut Peninsula). Shawmut was purchased by Fleet Bank and the arena was known as FleetCenter from 1995 until 2005. Fleet Bank was purchased by Bank of America who sold the naming rights to TD Banknorth. In early 2008, Banknorth was purchased by Commerce Bank. They will change the name after the 2007-08 season for the Celtics and Bruins, but have promised it will contain the word "Garden."

Should the lakers and Celtics be called the two most successful franchises in the nba?

Celtics have won 17 championships, and Lakers 16 - the two teams with the most championships. So yes, in many ways they are the most successful franchises in the NBA.