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Where there any wars in Egypt involving Alexander the Great?

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Alexander the great spent about six months in Egypt. This was part of his campaign against the Persian Emperor, Darius III.

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When did Wars of Alexander the Great happen?

Wars of Alexander the Great happened in -323.

What wars did Alexander the Great fight in?

Alexander the Great fought wars of conquest; these could be called the Alexandrian wars.

What wars did Alexander the Great fight?

Alexander the great fought in the Trojan war i think

Why did the Egyptians welcome Alexander the Great and crown him Pharaoh?

Egypt had been the scene of debilitating internal wars and it was a welcome relief to have a conqueror who promised stability and civilisation.

Who did Alexander the Great capture?

Alexander the Great captured are great many people in the course of his wars.They includedthe Indian king Porus.

Is king leonidas related to Alexander the great?

The Spartan Leonidas did not train Alexander the Great. The Leonidas who trained Alexander lived far after the Persian Wars.

Who were the people involved in opium war?

See opium wars or British and Chinese Wars. The most infamous wars involving opium took place in the 1800's primarily involving Great Britain and China.

Did Alexander the Great Accomplish his goals?

Yes Alexander the great accomplished all his goals , one was to win wars and to rule the world , which he did achieve.

How long was Alexander the Great at war?

Alexander the Great was one of the greatest military commanders of all time. The wars of Alexander the Great lasted for 12 years and resulted in Alexander having control of most of the known world at the time.

How was Alexander the Great courageous?

Alexander the great was courageous as it took courage to travel to a far of land as India , and to fight so many wars and not to loose any.

Why is Alexander the great known as Alexander the great?

He is considered great since he never lost a battle in the mere 13 years he conquered the majority of the known world. When he was 14 years old, he successfully tamed a horse that none of the breeders could ever manage. The horse, Bucephalus, was rode by Alexander on most of his wars. He fell in battle on the Hydaspes River in 326 B.C. Alexander spread Hellenistic culture and the language of Koine from Egypt to India.

When did Alexander the great take over?

Alexander the great took over when his father died and he had victory over Eygpt and Persia but then sadly after a couple of wars he died as well

What was the historical impact of the Persian Wars?

It led to the eventual takeover of the Persian Empire by the Macedonian Alexander the Great.

How many wars did spain have?

There have been many wars since Ancient times that have involved Spain in some way. During ancient times, there were six wars involving Spain, including the Sertorian war from 80-72 BC. In Medieval times, there were 16 wars involving Spain, including the Aragonese Crusade from 1284-85. During Imperial times, there were 78 wars involving Spain. There have been 24 wars involving Spain since 1823. Altogether, that means that there have been 124 wars that involved Spain.

Who in ancient Egypt started the most wars?

I think the Hittites started the most wars in Ancient Egypt.

How many Spanish wars were there?

Over the centuries there have been dozens of wars involving Spain.

Had Alexander the Great fought in several wars?

Yes, he was a general for his father Philip in the wars to subdue mainland Greece until his father's assassination and his own assumption of the kingship of Macedonia.

What 4 aspects did Alexander the Great spread through Asia?

He left a veneer of Greek culture, language, government and wars.

How many wars has Egypt been in?

Egypt been through 995 wars since the age of the Pharaohs, The Egyptians lost only 12 Major Wars out of them

List of wars 1945 to 2009 involving the US?

Not sure about the answer but there is some great war trivia I found athttp://www.answerblip.com/faqabout/war-trivia

War stratergy of Alexander the great?

Can you specify the question??? There were lots of wars and strategies according to beneficiance it all depended on time needs.

What were the wars fought by Alexander the Great?

I know that the first war he fought in was The Battle of Granicus during May in the year of 334 BC! It was between Alexander and the Persian Empire! Hope this helps! =D

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