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three events that had a major influenced in Albert Einstein

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Meliva Meric who bore him three children then after divorcing her he wedded Elsa Lowenthal his distant cousin.

Albert Einstein was born to Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch in 1879. He had one sister, Maria who was younger by three years. He was married at least once and had four children.

three important days in Albert Einsteins life were when he became the father of the atomatic bomb,when he got married to his cousin ,Elsa,. the last day is when he won the Noble Peace prize in 1921.

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Albert Pujols has three children, Isabella, Albert Jr., and Sophia.isabella has down syndrom.

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Albert Einstein had 3 (three) children with his first wife. .

Albert had three children with his first wife, Mileva Maric. Their daughter, referred to as "Lieseri" in letters, apparently died young. His first son, Hans, obtained a doctor of science degree, and was a world expert on the transport of sediments. Hans' son, Bernard, became a physicist. Albert's second son, Eduard, had schizophrenia and never obtained a college degree.

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