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Where to buy car with no AZ sales tax?


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Any private seller would save you the sales tax

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The current total local sales tax rate in Tucson, AZ is 8.1%

you pay tax for the state in which you will be registering it.

The current total local sales tax rate in Tucson, AZ is 8.1%

The current total local sales tax rate in Scottsdale, AZ is 7.95%

It depends on the car and the dealership but Arizona's sales taxes are lower than California.

'Sources and related links' below has the current rate. It was 9.3% at the time of the post.

The current total local sales tax rate in Peoria, AZ is 8.100%.

No, many other states (like Maryland) will charge you a tax when you transfer title and license a car based on the blue book value of the vehicle from another state, (Gotta love double taxation) In AZ transfer of title and registration from another state does not incur a fee or tax like this.

Tucson (zip 85741), AZ,sales tax rate was 9.10% at the time of this post ('Sources and related links' below has the current rate). Income tax is 4.79%.

'Sources and related links' below has the latest rate. It was 9.3% when this was posted.

Look in 'Sources and related links' below for the current rate. It was 9.3% at the time of this post.

We recently moved here from CA and don't have a AZ driver's license. We are thinking of buying a used pickup truck from an individual in Phoenix and want to know if we can buy it without an AZ driver's license.

Yes and no. When you register the vehicle in Arizona, the Department of Transportation will verify that you paid sales tax at the point of purchase and that it was equal to or more than Arizona would have charged. If that is the case, you will not owe any use tax to Arizona. If it is less than the amount that would have been charged by Arizona, then you will have to make up the difference at the time of registration.

“I need state income tax forms for AZ to down load for my son, who is in the Army”

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6.6% for the state at the time of this post. Additional taxes vary from county to county and city to city. 'Sources and related links' below has sites where you can lookup the latest rates.

When thru this in Aug of 2005 and AZ DMV was going to revoke title, registration, driver's lic, and chg me a $50 fine unless I fixed promptly; had to buy AZ Auto Insur coverage versus NC insurance; specifically asked if NC coverage would work and was told "insur has to be written in same state as auto registration." Sorry

I would like to print Virginia State tax forms, can I do that on line? Where can I print a Kentucky state tax form can i print it150 I would like to print Az state tax forms would like to print AZ. state tax forms

ARIZONA State Sales Tax: Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax (sales) and Use tax rates generally are 5.6%. Currently, all fifteen counties levy a tax. County rates range from.5% to 1.125%. The state rate on transient lodging (hotel/motel) is 5.5%. The state of Arizona does not levy a state tax on food for home consumption or on drugs prescribed by a licensed physician or dentist. However, some cities in Arizona do levy a tax on food for home consumption. City rates range from 1% to 4.25%.Water Use Tax: 65 cents per 1,000 gallons of water used.

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