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You cannot find Celebi in Heartgold or Soulsilver, with the exception of obtaining one in the forest of Pal Park.

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Q: Where to find Celebi in Pokemon soul silver no cheats?
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How do you get Celebi in Pokemon soulsilver without cheats?

you cant find celebi in Pokemon sould silver...... EVER

Where do you find the apricorn you need to get Celebi in Pokemon silver?

You cannot find an Apricorn that will give you Celebi because there is no Apicorn that will give you Celebi.

How do you find Celebi in Pokemon soul silver?

very carefully

How do you find Celebi in gold version?

Celebi does not appear in the gold or silver games, however he does appear in Pokemon crystal.

Where do you find Celebi on Pokemon SoulSilver?

you cant find celebi in soulsilver

Where to find a Celebi in Pokemon black?

use poke tranfer and if you have celebi in pokemon soul silver,heart gold,diomond, pearl,and platnom okey people is it and dont innoy me agane

How do you find Celebi?

Celebi is an event pokemon, in Gold and Silver (including their remakes) You need the GS ball for the original Gold and Silver to find it. In the Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you need a Pikachu coloured Pichu (not shiny)

Where to find Celebi on Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

i dono how to get celebi

How you get Celebi on soul silver?

There is an event coming soon in early 2011 that allows you to get Celebi. You should go to or another Pokemon website to find the exact dates when they are announced.

How do you find Giovanni in the old Pokemon gold and silver games?

You don't. He's not there. Only in HeartGold and SoulSilver with the Celebi event.

Where do you get celuby in Pokemon Silver?

it is spelled CELEBI, god... anyway u can find it in the forest next 2 azalea town

What is the story about the red haired boy near the end of the game on soul silver?

You find out when you get the Celebi from the Pokemon event in February.

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