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Where was Anne Frank hiding?

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She has hiding in an annexe right above her dad's business offices in Holland, Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

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How old was Anne Frank when she went into hiding?

Anne Frank was thirteen when she went into hiding. anne frank was 13 years oldAnne Frank went into hiding at the age of 13 to 15.

What time did Anne Frank go into hiding?

Anne Frank went into hiding around 1944

When did Anne Frank into hiding?

Anne Frank and her family went into hiding on July 6, 1942.

What age was Anne Frank when she went into hiding?

Anne Frank was 13 years old when she went into Hiding

Who was Anne Frank Hiding from and why?

Anne Frank was hiding from the Nazi's because she was Jewish and did not want to be sent to a concentration camp.

How many months was Anne Frank in hiding?

Anne Frank and her family were hiding for two years until they were caught.

When Anne Frank was hiding in the axis who flushed the toilet?

when Anne frank and her family where hiding in the annex who flushed the toilet.

In which country was Anne Frank hiding?

She was hiding in the Netherlands.

Why was Anne Frank hiding?

Anne Frank was hiding because,she was a Jew and During the Holocaust Hitler wanted to kill the Jews.

What holiday did Anne Frank celebrate while hiding?

Anne Frank celebrated Chanukah and St. Nichols while she was in hiding

What country was Anne Frank hiding in?

Anne Frank was hding in Amsterdam, Holland.

What grad is Anne Frank in?

anne frank was in grade six when she went out hiding

What did Anne Frank like to do in hiding?

Anne Frank played Monopoly when she was in hidingAnne enjoyed doing ballet after darkShe liked to read about history

Why did Anne Frank stop hiding?

The Frank family did not stop hiding, they were betrayed to the Germans.

Pics of anne frank in hiding?


Who was with Anne Frank when she was hiding?


Anne Frank Job?

Anne Frank never had a job. She went into hiding when she was about tweleve and of course probably was not allowed to have a job when she was not in hiding.

Which celebrities did Anne Frank have on her wall when she went into hiding?

Before she went into hiding, Anne Frank had a picture of the royal family on her wall.

Where did Anne Frank and her family hide and why?

Anne Frank And Her Family Hiding in The Loft They We hiding from the Germans because anne frank was a Jew the Germans wanted no Jews around Germany (the reason why anne frank is so famous is because of her diary)

How old was Anne Frank when she had to go into hiding?

Anne was 13 when she went into hiding, and 15 when she was discovered.

What is the location of Anne Frank while in hiding?

Anne Frank was in 263 prinsegracht st. Amsterdam. Which is where the Anne Frank house now is.

What year was it when Anne Frank started hiding?

Anne Frank, her family, and four others started hiding on July 5, 1942 when Anne was 13 years old.

Did anne frank go into hiding on her birthday?

no she went into hiding just after.

How long was Anne Frank in hidding?

Anne Frank was in hiding from July 1942 to August 1944.

When did Anne Frank start saving Jews?

Anne Frank was in no position to save anyone as she was in hiding.