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THey traded with other n. a. tribes such as the maya, anasazi, and the mount builders.

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The Incan empire was located in the present-day country of

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The Incan empire was located in the present-day country of

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Spaniards rode an animal that the Aztecs and Incas never seen before

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Q: Where was Inca trading done?
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What did the Inca trade?

The Incas were mostly self-sustained and do not appear to have done a lot of trading. Items that they did use for trade included agricultural products and textiles.

Why were Inca roads so impressive?

because of trade routes (for trading)

Who would the Inca's trade with?

they wouldnt trade they just sent their trading things to places

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Who made the nazca lines?

They were done by "Pre-Inca" cultures. That is, cultures that lived on the coast of Peru before the Incas (or "Quechuas").

Impressive architecture that incorporated cities into the natural environment was one of the artistic hallmarks of which Latin American people?

Answer this question… The Inca

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Who was at the top of the Inca society?

The Sapa Inca was on the top of the Inca society.

Why did Inca become king of Inca?

He decided that the Inca's needed help, so the Inca King wanted to to rule to help out.

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