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India's first nuclear reactor is situated in the ''Rajasthan, porbandar.''

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Q: Where was India's first nuclear reactor situated?
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When was the first nuclear reactor built?

The first nuclear reactor was built in 1942.

First nuclear reactor?

The first nuclear reactor CP-1 was built in 1942 in Chicago.

In 1950 where was the first nuclear reactor?

The first nuclear reactor was in former Soviet Union that operated in year 1954 at obninisk.

What is Indias first nuclear submarine?

INS Chakra

When was the first nuclear reactor made?

1942, the first demonstration reactor as part of the Manhattan Project

First nuclear reactor of India?


What is the name of the first Indian nuclear reactor?

The first Indian nuclear reactor's name is APSARA.

Who made the first nuclear reactor?

This was part of the Manhattan Project in WW2, the first reactor was designed by Enrico Fermi

Who first built the nuclear reactor?

Enrico Fermi

Who was the inventor of first nuclear plant?

Leo Szilard invented the nuclear reactor in 1933, but did not build it.Enrico Fermi built first nuclear reactor, CP-1 in 1942.Walter Zinn built the first nuclear power plant, EBR-1 in 1951.

Inventor of atomic reactor?

The first inventor of a nuclear reactor was Enrico Fermi. Refer to link below.

What were some of the uses for the first nuclear reactor?

The very first nuclear reactor was Chicago Pile 1. It was built for research and scientific use. The first nuclear reactor outside of a university was built (at Hanford, Washington) primarily to yield plutonium for the atomic bomb destined for Nagasaki, Japan. Nuclear reactors were built primarily for electrical generation beginning in about 1951.

When was the first small nuclear reactor invented?

In 1942, Chicago

Where was the first South African nuclear reactor built?


First Nuclear plant in INDIA is situated in?


Who first invented nuclear reactors?

The nuclear reactor was invented in 1933 by Leo Szilard, in London, but he did not try to build one. The first functioning nuclear reactor, CP-1, was designed and built in 1942 by Enrico Fermi, in Chicago, IL.

When did J. Ernest Wilkins Jr. invent the nuclear reactor?

J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr. did not invent the nuclear reactor. The ideas for the nuclear reactor were developed while he was an undergrad at the University of Chicago (though he was brilliant and entered college at age 13).Leó Szilárd and Enrico Fermi are credited with the first nuclear reactor design.

What year did the first nuclear reactor come online?

The first nuclear reactor, CP-1, was built and operated in 1942. It generated no electricity, its peak thermal power was one half watt. The first nuclear power plant was connected to the grid sometime in the 1950s.

What was the nuclear reactor first used for?

It was used first for plutonium production for military purposes.

What year was nuclear power developed?

The first ever reactor was in 1942, but not power producing. The first electric power producing reactor was in the UK in 1956

Who built the first nuclear reactor in the 1940's?

Dr. Klein was head of the team that designed Canada's first nuclear reactor during the 1940's. The reactor contributed to military inventions that were key in siding the Allies during the 2nd World War.

When and where did the first nuclear reactor generate electricity?

Electricity was generated for the first time by a nuclear reactor on December 20, 1951, at the EBR-I experimental station near Arco, Idaho, which initially produced about 100 kW.

What is the name of the zionist nuclear reactor in palestine?

First of all, Palestine is not yet a country so it is impossible for there to be a nuclear reactor in that country. There is no nuclear reactor in any of the Palestinian territories (Gaza Strip and West Bank) controlled by either the Palestinian Authority or Hamas. Secondly, Zionism is a political ideology. Since inanimate objects like nuclear reactors cannot have ideologies, there can be no such thing as a Zionist nuclear reactor. If you are asking what the name of the Israeli nuclear reactor is, that is a completely different question. Israel has never confirmed that it posses a nuclear reactor, but it has also never denied that it has one either. However, most people do believe that Israel has a nuclear reactor located in the Israeli city of Dimona.

Who invented the first nuclear reactor in India?

The nuclear reactor wasn't invented in India. Nuclear power was being researched in England, Germany, Austria, Russia and the USA during the 1930s and 1940s. Idaho was the location of the first electricity generation using a nuclear reactor in 1951 with Russia operating the first to supply electricity to a grid. India's entry to nuclear power generation followed many years after the intial development work has been completed.

What was the first nuclear facility to generate electricity in the US?

The SM-1 nuclear reactor in Fort Belvior in virginia.