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Islam was not discovered. It was the first religion sent to Adam.

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When was manganese discoverd?

manganese was discoverd in 1774

Who discoverd flowers?

Kim Kardashian discoverd flowers. Did you watch the wedding?

When was Peru discoverd?

peru was discoverd around the turn of the 16th century

Where was carbon discoverd?

Carbon Was Discoverd In 3750 BC..... But We Don`t Know Who Discoverd Carbon Yet. I`ll Let You Know Once I Find Out:))

What did roald amundsen do to change history?

he discoverd what no one else has done before him. He discoverd the south

How was Justin Bieber discoverd?

Justin Bieber Posted A video of himself singing on youtube and got discoverd

When did cristefer clumbus discover jamaca?

peaple may think he discoverd it but he only discoverd parts of usa

When was milk discovered?

when was milk discoverd

When was recycling discovered?

it was discoverd in 1602

When were spices discovered?

it was discoverd in europe.

When was Canada discoverd?

When hockey was invented.....

How was Oprah discovered?

she was discoverd by a man

When was the kite discovered?

It was discoverd in 1986

Who discoverd math?

Possibly the Babylonians.

When and who invented petroleum?

most people say that its unknown how discoverd petrolum other people say that it was discoverd by Samuel and Edwin Drake

What did roger bacon discover in the late 1200's?

My teacher has told me that Roger Bacon has not discoverd bacon. However he has discoverd lenses.

Where was gold discoverd?

Gold was first discoverd up a elephants bum hidden inside a poo. It is thought that the elephant had eaten it but no one knows where from.

What date was chromium discoverd?

It was discovered in 1797.

Who discoverd platinum?

Jullius Scaliger, in 1557

When was Jupiter discoverd?

On 7th of January,1610

Who discoverd Cyprus?

Ancient Greeks (Hellenes).

Who discovered t lymphocytes?

who discoverd lymphocytes

When was salt discoverd?

it was discovered in the 1300's

Who discoverd motorcycle?

it wasnt discovered, it was invented

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