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In a motorcade in Dallas, Texas USA in 1963.

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Q: Where was JFK at when he got assinated?
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What major event happened at NASA when JFK was president?

he was assinated

Who was vice president before Henry Wallase?

Adam gearhart he got assinated

What year did JFK get shot?

In 1963 JFK got shot

What day was JFK assinated?

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. He was killed in Dallas, Texas by a man named Lee Harvey Oswald.

What did JFK do after the the war?

jfk ran for president and then got himself killed what a sham

What were kennedys weaknesses as president?

Well she might of got assinated by somebody so personal secruity.

How many president were assinated?

If the question is how many US Presidents were assinated, the answer is 4.

What are some facts about JFK?

he got shot

Why is john Lennon important?

Because he sold loads of records and was world famous until he got assinated ): xx

What was the place that martin Luther king got killed at?

He was killed in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. He was assinated (shot).

How was Andrew Johnson elected?

He was the vice president for Abaham Lincoln so when Lincoln got assinated Johnson took over

Where in Dallas JFK got shot?

Dealey Plaza.

What does JFK look like after he got shot?


Why did JFK got killed?

because he was meant to die

What are some funny facts about JFK?

he got shot

Where did the death of archduke Franz Ferdinand happen?

He was assinated in Sarajevo... 1914... He was assinated in Sarajevo... 1914...

Where did jfk live after he got married?

The Kennedy compound is in Massachusets

Who took the office after jfk got killed?


Did the man that got shot with JFK die as well?


When did kenndey die?

Which one, JFK got shot in the head.

Who was President John F. Kennedy supposedly assassinated by and where?

he was assinated in dallas and he was assinated by Lee Harvey Oswald

What is jfk?

JFK stands for John F. Kennedy. He was a president who got assassinated by Lee Oswald. It's also name of the airport in the east.

What color was the car jfk got shot in?

black limo convertible .

What split development in the civil rights movement?

JFK got shot

Where was JFK going when he got shot?

he was going to meet with people for a meeting then lunch