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i don't know but as soon as i find it i will post it!!!


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John and Cindy McCain were married May 17, 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona

Yes with Cindy McCain his current wife.

Cindy McCain and John McCain now attend Southern Baptist Church....They are Baptists.

The year that McCain meet Cindy McCain was in 1982

He is married to Cindy McCain

John McCain is married to Cindy McCain, the former Cindy Lou Hensley. They've been married for 28 years. John McCain had previously been married to Carol McCain.

Yes, he's married to Cindy McCain.

John McCain's wife's name is Cindy McCain. John McCain's wife is Cindy McCain.

His wife's name is Cindy.

I believe he divorced his FIRST wife and then married Cindy McCain.

Yes, John McCain was married to his first wife, Carol, when he began dating Cindy. Sources differ as to whether or not he and Carol were already separated. He married Cindy only a month after divorcing Carol.

McCain hasn't admitted that he cheated on his current wife, Cindy Hensley McCain. McCain did, however, admit cheating on his first wife, Carol Shepp, with Cindy Hensley. He and Cindy Hensley later married.

John and Carol McCain divorced on April 2, 1980. John married Cindy the next month.

His Vice Presidential candidate is Sarah Palin. His wife is Cindy McCain.

John McCain divorced his swimsuit model wife, Carol McCain, after she was disfigured in an automobile accident. He had adulterous sexual affairs while married to Carol McCain. He married Cindy McCain several months after divorcing Carol McCain. McCain blames the collapse of his first marriage on "my own selfishness and immaturity" and has called it "my greatest moral failing."

John McCain and his wife Cindy adopted a black child. So seems kind of obvious.

John McCain is 71 years old and Barack Obama is 46 years old

Yes, Cindy is his second wife.

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John and Cindy McCain have 3 children together and one adopted child from Bangladesh: Meghan: 1984 John Sidney IV ( Jack): 1986 James (Jimmy): 1988 Their adopted child, Bridget: 1992

Senator John S. McCain's current--and second--wife is Cindy McCain, nee Cindy Lou Hensley. McCain and Hensley married in 1980, after McCain's divorce from his first wife, Carol, nee Shepp.

John and Carol McCain divorced in April 1980 and John married the former Cindy Hensley a month later. Some sources, including the Wall Street Journal, assert that John and Carol had already been separated when John met Cindy. Other sources claim they were still together. Most sources assert that neither John nor Carol were completely faithful to each other during their marriage.

The former Cindy Hensley has been married once, to John McCain. They celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary on May 17, 2008.

One would assume that he did since he applied for a marriage license for Cindy and him before the divorce from his first wife was final.

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