Where was Judas the disciple from?

1. Judas, the disciple, also known as Barsabbas, was sent with Paul and Barnabas, to the congregatins in Antioch and Syria and Cilicia, with the letter about circumcision. Where he was from is not stated in the scriptures.(Acts15:22)

2. Judas Iscariot , the apostle, was the son of Simon Iscariot. (Luke 6:16; John 6:71) Many feel that his last name indicates that his family was from the town of Kerioth-hezron in Judah. If so, that would make him the only Judean among the twelve apostles. All the rest were from Galilee.

3. Judas, also an apostle, often called Thaddeus, or the 'son of James', was probably from Galilee, since the apostles were known for being Galilean(John 14:22)(Luke 6:16)