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Mother Teresa did most of her work in the slums of Calcutta.

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Q: Where was Mother Teresa most active?
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Where in India was Mother Teresa the most active?

Mother Teresa was most active in the Indian city of Calcutta.

Where did Mother Teresa spend most of her time?

Mother Teresa did most of her work in the slums of Calcutta, India.

What did most people call Mother Teresa?

Most called her Mother Teresa, some called her 'the saint of the gutters.'

How old was Mother Teresa's mother when she had Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa mother was 35 when she had mother teresa.

Which city is Mother Teresa linked to?

Mother Teresa spent most of her life in Calcutta, India.

Did Mother Teresa work locally nationally or internationally?

Mother Teresa originally worked in Calcutta but her order is now active all over the world. Answer this question...

What did Mother Teresa do for America?

Mother Teresa did very little for America, as most of her work was based in Ireland and India.

What are Mother Teresa's favorite quotes?

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. ~ Mother Teresa For some quotes from Mother Teresa see the link below.

Was Mother Teresa the mother of Saint Teresa?

No, Mother Teresa had no children as she was never married.

What did mother Teresa's attitudes have?

Mother Teresa to have them.

What was Mother Teresa's weight at birth?

At the time of Mother Teresa's birth, most children were born at home and their weights were not recorded.

Is it Mother Teresa or Mother Theresa?

Mother Teresa is correct.

What was the downfall of Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa had no downfall.

What was Mother Teresa's pet?

Mother Teresa had no pets.

Was Mother Teresa a gypsy?

No, Mother Teresa was Albanian.

Was Mother Teresa a Muslim?

No, Mother Teresa was a Catholic.

Was Mother Teresa a Canadian?

No, Mother Teresa was Albanian.

How does Mother Teresa get the name Nirmala?

Nirmala is the name of the successor of Mother Teresa, not the name of Mother Teresa.

Where do the lay Missionaries of Charity work?

The order, founded by Mother Teresa, work in over 100 countries around the world but are probably most active in India.

What is the name of Mother Teresa's mother?

Dranafile Bojaxhiu was the name of Mother Teresa's mother.

Are Mother Teresa's missions still running?

Yes, they are still active and expanding all over the world.

Was Mother Teresa's brother born before Mother Teresa?

Yes he was. Mother Teresa was the youngest of the three siblings.

Who did Mother Teresa admire most when she was young?

Mother Teresa, as a child, loved reading the lives of the saints and especially admired those who were missionaries. It was at a young age that Mother Teresa decided to become a missionary herself.

Was Mother Teresa's father married?

Yes, he was married to Mother Teresa's mother.

What country was Mother Teresa in?

She lived most of her life in India.