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Richard Steiff was born in Giengen in Germany on February 7th, 1877.

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Q: Where was Richard Steiff born?
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When was Margarete Steiff born?

Margarete Steiff was born in 1847.

Did Richard Steiff die?

he died in 1939 at the age of 62

Who is Richard Steiff?

he is a person who acts in movies such as wwe tna the cob weather boy last soul i did you a favour

Are there false copies of steiff bears?

There are a lot of false copies of Steiff bears. Franz, the nephew of Margarete Steiff, creator of Steiff bears, devised the famous 'button in ear' to distinguish the fakes from the authentic ones.

How can you tell if it's a genuine Steiff Bear?

to tell if it is a steiff bear you have to look at its left ear to see if its got the steiff logo on it also it has a little book attachet

What does Steiff USA produce for their customers?

The Steiff USA produces many things for customers. The Steiff USA produces teddy bears, as well as classic stuffed animals, key chains, books and other accessories.

What is the price of Steiff Elephant 085215?

the value is around 135 euro or 170 USD according to steiff value database.

I have a steiff polar bear EAN is 062896 please can you tell me how much it is worth?

I am unsure of what the value of your Steiff Polar Bear plush toy. I recommend contacting the Steiff Company to determine what the value is. Their contact information is Steiff North America, Inc. 24 Albion Road Suite 220 Lincoln, RI 02865.

When did steiff start?

1880 in Germany

What has the author Rolf Pistorius written?

Rolf Pistorius has written: 'Steiff' -- subject(s): Margarete Steiff GmbH, Teddy bears, Toys

What is the best stuffed collie?

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Who invented stuffed toys?

Margaret steiff

Who invented the stuffed toy?

Margaret Steiff

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a lot

What is the steiff mini tea party it's the size of a small match box?

It's a small version of the steiff tea party from 1980's I have one.

Who is margarette steiff?

not a historical personage, without record

Who invented the stuffed animal?

the steiff company in Germany

Why are Steiff bears so expensive?

As near as I can tell, Steiff bears are unreasonably expensive for two reasons: First, they are usually made out of Alpaca or Mohair, both very expensive and luxurious fabrics. Secondly, Steiff bears are so expensive because they have a tag on them that says "Steiff," and many people are willing to pay several hundred dollars for that tag. See related question below and discussion page.

When was Richard How born?

Richard How was born in 1944.

What is the value for a 1950s steiff bear with growler intact?


When was Richard With born?

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When was Richard Relhan born?

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