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Working as a labourer on a building site

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Which Doctor did K9 first assist?

The 4th, Tom Baker.

What episode had the greenhouse with the man turning into a plant in doctor who.jon pertwee and tom baker?

That episode featured the 4th Doctor, who was played by Tom Baker. The plant monster was called a Krynoid.

Who is the fourth doctor on Doctor Who?

Tom Baker

What is the sexual orientation of Tom Baker?

If you are referring to Tom Baker of Doctor Who fame, than he is straight. Tom Baker has been married three times. (to women)

Who Was The Fourth Doctor?

Tom Baker, of course!

Who has been the Best Doctor Who so far?

That is a personal choice...but i preferred Tom Baker. dito Tom Baker.

What was the last tom baker doctor who called?

The last episode which featured Tom Baker as a regular was Part 4 of Logopolis.

Who was the fourth Doctor Who?

Tom Baker, 1974-81

Who did Tom Baker regenerate into as Doctor Who?

Peter Davison.

Who played the part of the fourth doctor?

Tom Baker

How old was Tom Baker when he finshed Doctor Who?


What day did Tom Baker die?

If you're talking about Tom Baker from Doctor Who, then he's still alive. If you're talking about the fourth doctor, then yeah. In the episode "Logopolis."

Which actor remained The Doctor on Doctor Who the longest?

It was Tom Baker; he played the Doctor for seven years.

What are the ratings and certificates for Doctor--- Who on Earth Is Tom Baker - 1991 V?

Doctor--- Who on Earth Is Tom Baker - 1991 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:PG

How old is Tom Baker?

UK Doctor Who actor Tom Baker is 83 years old (born January 20, 1934).

What was the most interesting Doctor Who play?

Normally it is your opinion on who was the most interesting, but most people's favourite Doctor was the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker). Many people also liked the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant). The least likeable Doctor was the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker (Not at all related with Tom Baker in any way)).

Which Doctor had K9 as his companion?

4 played by Tom Baker

How long did Tom Baker play the Doctor?

Seven years.

What are the ratings and certificates for 'Doctor Who' The Tom Baker Years - 1992 V?

'Doctor Who' The Tom Baker Years - 1992 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:PG

Who was the first doctor in Malaysia?

Tom Baker, because that was the first doctor that was shown on TV

How did the 4th doctor tom baker die?

Tom Baker is not dead. Hes alive and well at a good age, but we might have to say goodbye sometime during this year (2013) or maybe even 2014. Lets hope he lives. My favourite Doctor, along with Jon Petrwee and David Tennant.

Does tom baker still watch Doctor Who?

yes i geuss he probbably does

Is tom baker in doctor who still alive?

Yes, he is still alive.

Is the fourth doctor on Doctor Who dead?

The Fourth Doctor on Doctor "died" in 1981 and regenerated into his fifth incarnation. The actor who played the Fourth Doctor is Tom Baker and is currently still very much alive :-). In 1982 or 1983 an American actor named Tom Baker died. Some reference books erroneously thought this was the Tom Baker who appeared on Doctor Who, so that's why you occasionally hear the rumor that Tom Baker died in the 1980s. In reality he's alive and well and recently recorded two series of audio dramas for BBC Audio reprising the role of the Doctor.

Name four past Doctor Who actors?

Chris Eccleston Tom Baker William Hartnell Colin Baker