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Q: Where was bacterial pneumonia discovered?
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Is Pneumonia viral or bacterial?

There are both viral and bacterial forms of pneumonia.

Which is worst viral or bacterial pneumonia?

Between viral and bacterial pneumonia bacterial is the worst. Viral pneumonia usually gets better on its own while bacterial pneumonia needs to be treated with antibiotics and sometimes hospitalization.

What causes bacterial pneumonia?

Dozens of different bacteria can cause bacterial pneumonia.

What pathogen causes bacterial pneumonia?

Dozens of different bacteria can cause bacterial pneumonia.

The form of pneumonia that can be prevented through vaccination is?

Bacterial pneumonia

Was bacterial pneumonia always fatal?

Prior to the discovery of penicillin antibiotics, bacterial pneumonia was almost always fatal

What is the cure for bacterial pneumonia?


What is the name of germ of pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a general term, not a specific disease. There is viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, and a fungal pneumonia, among others.

How is bacterial pneumonia transmitted?

Bacterial pneumonia would be spread via aerosols from the infected person sneezing or coughing and expelling the bacteria.

What is the shape of bacterial pneumonia?

Lancelot shape

Is pneumonia started by a virus?

It can be viral or bacterial.

Does bacterial pneumonia disease have a cure?

Any bacterial infection can be cured by antibiotics.

What form of pneumonia can be prevented through vaccination?

Bacterial pneumonia, specifically pneumococcal pneumonia (aka Streptococcus pneumoniae).

Who discovered pneumonia?

A Greek physician named Hippocrates is noted for his description of Pneumonia symptoms between 460 B.C. and 370 B.C. Along with his many other contributions, he is known as the father of medicine.

What cause of pneumonia can antibiotics cure?

Antibiotics can only cure bacterial pneumonia, not viral.

Can you get pneumonia by kissing someone with pneumonia?

You can catch any bacterial sickness by exchanging saliva.

Is there a vaccine for pneumonia?

Yes, there is one kind that protects against bacterial-caused pneumonia, however there is none for viral pneumonia.

What is the genus and species for bacterial pneumonia?

Pneumococcus pneumonie

How does bacterial pneumonia spread?

througn sneezing + coughing

Which form of pneumonia can be prevented through vaccination?


Aspiration pneumonia is a viral infection?

No. It's bacterial.

What are the 3 bacterial illesses?

Pneumonia Strep Staph

What is the date pneumonia was discovered?

Pneumonia existed in pre-history.

What are some bacterial diseases?

Some bacterial diseases are pneumonia, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, meningitis, and bronchitis.

What is the cure for bibasal pneumonia?

Bibasal pneumonia means that there is pneumonia present in both lower lobes of the lungs. The standard treatment for bacterial bibasal pneumonia is antibiotics.