Where was band aids invented?

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Who invented band aids?

Earle Dickson invented the Band-Aids Earle Dickson invented the Band-Aids

When were band aids invented?

band-aids were invented by earle dickson in 1920

What year were band-aids invented?

Earle Dickson invented Band-Aids in 1921

When was the band-aid invented?

Band-aids were invented in the year 1920.

When did earle dickson invented band-aids?

in 1920

When did Earle Dickson invent band aids?

Earle Dickson invented Band-Aids in 1920

When were band aids invened?

the band aid was invented in 1920

Who invented the band-aids?

Earle Dickson made it in 1921.

When did Levi Strauss invented jeans and when did Earle Dickson invented Band-aids?

Levi Strauss invented jeans in 1872 as work pants.Earle Dickson invented Band-aids in 1920 by putting squares of cotton on to wound tape

When were band-aids invented?

They were invented in 1921 by Earle Dickson.

In what year was the band-aids invented?


When did Earle Dickson invented band - aids?

in 1920

Who is William meracle?

I think he invented band-aids in the 1920's

When did earle dickson invent the band aids?

Earle Dickson invented Band-Aids while working for Johnson and Johnson in 1920. It seems Earle's wife, Josephine, often cut herself while cooking, so Earle invented the Band-Aid with her in mind.

What makes waterproof band-aids waterproof band-aids?

Waterproof Band-Aids are touted as being able to stay on in water. What makes them different from regular Band-Aids is that a stronger adhesive is used.

Why was band-aid invented?

Band-aids were invented because if one gets an open wound, a band-aid should be put on the wound (before putting alcohol ofcourse) to prevent bacteria or germs from entering. Hope that answered your question! :)

How many band-aids have been sold?

the band aids that have been sold are 200

Allergic to adhesive band aids what can I use instead?

Every pharmacy has Allergenic band aids.

Why does Micheal Jackson wear band aids on his fingers?

Because he has a strange addiction to band aids.

Is there a name for a fear of band-aids?


What year were band-aids invented in?

The Band Aid was invented by an employee of the Johnson and Johnson company. His name was Earle Dickson and he created them in 1920 because his wife often cut and burned herself while cooking meals.

When did earle dickson invent band-aids?


What are is price of Band-Aids?

3 cents each

Do band aids expire?


Is plastic band aids or cloth band aids better?

The plastic band aid is deffinetely a better choice. they bend and they come in pretty colors ; )

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