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Tennessee - on the Cumberland River.

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What was the location of the battles of fort Henry and fort donelson?

Fort Henry was on the Tennessee River, and Fort Donelson was on the Cumberland.

When was the battle of fort donelson?

The Battle of Fort Donelson was fought on February 14-15, 1862.

When did fort donelson fall?

Fort Donelson fell to the Union army February 16, 1862.

What were the Confederate casualties at Fort Donelson?

The Confederate casualties at Fort Donelson were: 2,000 killed or wounded, 11,000 prisoners.

What fort was found at the banks of the Cumberland River?

Fort Donelson

Where was the Battle of Fort Donelson?


Who won the US Civil War Battle of Fort Donelson?

The Union won the victory against Fort Donelson

What were Union casualties in the capture of Fort Donelson?

In the course of the Union capture of Confederate Fort Donelson, the Union casualties came to 2,300 soldiers.

During the civil war what fort is on the cumberland river?

Fort Donelson

Where wa the battle of fort donelson fought?

Tennessee's fort Henry

Where did Fort Henry and Fort Donelson happen?

fort Henry and fort donleson happen in northern TN.

What state was fort donelson in?

in west virgina

Which of these battles was a union victory?

Fort Donelson

What river was Fort Donelson located?


Who won fame with the capture of fort donelson and fort Henry?

U.S. Grant

Who was the union general who captured fort henry and fort donelson?

Ulysses Grant.

What was the first battle that was won by the union?

Fort Donelson

What was the nickname of the battle of Fort Donelson?

The Red Bath

What were the mistakes made at Fort Donelson in the Civil War?

There were several mistakes that was made at Fort Donelson during the Civil War. The biggest mistake was the miscalculation of troops needed.

Where is the Friends Of The Fort Donelson Campaign in Dover Tennessee located?

The address of the Friends Of The Fort Donelson Campaign is: 159 Crutcher Lane, Dover, TN 37058-5172

First important northern victory in the West?

The seize of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson.

The Union general who captured Fort Henry and Fort Donelson?

Ulysses S. Grant

Which union commander took fort Henry and fort donelson?

Ulysses S Grant

Which general won victories for the union at fort Henry and fort donelson?

Ulysses Grant.

Fort Donelson and Fort Henry are located about 12 miles apart in western Virginia?